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Earn a Global Marketing Communication Certificate in Florence, Italy

The Global Marketing Communication Certificate program offers undergraduate students the opportunity to conduct an in-depth exploration of the issues surrounding global marketing and communication.

Students enrolled in the Global Marketing Communication Certificate are immersed both historically and conceptually in the arts and communication world while in Florence. Florence's role within the global community will be investigated and analyzed as an integral part of the curriculum.

The certificate can be completed as a complement to a similar major or as a way to develop additional skills for a field of study outside of marketing and communication. Students who select this certificate program will enhance their abilities to function in a variety of roles in the field, including marketing management or communication management.

Participating in the Global Marketing Communication Certificate will provide students with the opportunity to steward marketing and communication projects from start to finish and allow undergraduate students to understand how marketing and communication must mesh with global technology in order to execute a successful marketing strategy.

Requirements for a Certificate in Global Marketing Communication

Foundation Course Requirements (12 Credits)

  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • International Marketing
  • Global Media Strategy

The Global Marketing Communication Certificate cannot be completed independently. The Global Marketing Communication Certificate must be completed in conjunction with a major. Certificates must be completed by the time the four-year degree requirements have been met. Students who enroll in the Global Marketing Communication Certificate will be held to the requirements of the catalog year in which they declare the minor. 

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Create strategic and effective marketing communications recommendations & campaigns that solve brand problems and capitalize on brand opportunities.
  • Generate imaginative solutions and new and different ways of looking at problems and opportunities.
  • Evaluate and apply a deep understanding of multiple worldviews, perspectives and experiences in developing solutions for global problems.