Vol. II of Marist Undergraduate Philosophy Journal Published

journal  Almost every undergraduate learns to cite scholarly sources.
  Marist students enjoy the opportunity to create one. Serving
  as editors on the Marist Undergraduate Philosophy Journal
  provides students with a first-hand experience of peer review
  and scholarly dialogues. As described by faculty advisor Dr.
  James Snyder, the journal functions as an extension of the
  lively conversations about philosophy taking place at the
  College and beyond.

  "The journal is a natural outgrowth of our annual conference,
  which brings some of the best undergraduate philosophy
  students to Marist to present their research. The journal is
  primarily run by a staff of philosophy students at Marist. They
  are an eclectic group -- almost all are double majors, some in
  the sciences and business, others in the humanities. The
  process starts by receiving submissions from across the country,
  and even some international submissions. The initial pile is
  ultimately reduced to about seven over which we argue about
  strengths and weaknesses. Each student then takes an accepted
  paper and works with the author to clarify the piece's content."

The journal's second volume implements two changes, according to Dr. Snyder: "First, Honors Program student Marissa
Kopelman '15 designed a beautiful new cover for us. Second, we have included an interview with a prominent philosopher,
Dr. Catherine Wilson, who teaches in the Ph.D. programs at the CUNY Graduate Center and the University of York.
The interview hits on a lot of things that are of interest to students, such as the value of philosophy and how to keep one's
interests broad despite pressures, especially as one advances, to specialize." The vibrant interplay between philosophy
and other humanities and pre-professional disciplines emerges both in
Dr. Wilson's interview and in the process of creating
the journal itself. "In the end," Dr. Snyder points out, "the journal is great for our students because they are working on great philosophy and at the same time developing important practical skills in web design, editing, software, and so on.|"