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Safety & Security

Daniel Gough, Director of Safety & Security,
Al Abdelrahman, Associate Director of Safety & Security, Operations,
Brian Dolansky, Associate Director of Operations, Technology & Planning,

General inquiries:

General 24/7 Office Phone: 845-575-3282

The Office of Safety and Security at Marist College is a 24-hour a day, seven days a week operation with approximately 40 full and part-time employees. All Security Officers are NYS Certified by the Department of State, they are not law enforcement, and do not have arrest powers.  The Director and two Associate Directors of Safety and Security oversee the department. The Safety and Security Department is charged with managing several important functions at the college;

  • Access Control - The ability for our community to have safe access to buildings at appropriate times is accomplished with a combination of keys and electronic card access cards. Additionally, the college is equipped with an extensive camera monitor system.
  • Investigator - The department also has an Investigator who conducts follow-up investigations. In addition, the Investigator, in cooperation with the Office of Housing and Residential Life, conducts Crime Prevention seminars at residence halls or floor meetings.
  • Office Support - An Administrative Coordinator & Office Assistant that oversees the clerical functions, supervises student employees, Security Office issues, maintains all student and staff parking permits and parking ticket records.
  • Patrol - There are three patrol shifts per day. A Supervisor is in command of the patrol operation for the shift. He/she supervises a dispatcher (who logs calls and monitors the fire alarm system) and three to five patrol officers who work both on foot posts or vehicle patrols. All residence halls, (excluding townhouse facilities) are equipped with a swipe access system that allows only authorized residents entry into the building. 
  • Fire Protection - All buildings on campus are equipped with fire protection devices and are monitored 24 hours per day. The College is inspected annually by the NYS Office of Fire Prevention and Control and all buildings are in compliance with NYS Fire Codes. The Office of Safety and Security conducts periodic fire drills in all buildings. The Fairview Fire Department, located about one mile from the College, responds to all alarms and is in communication with our officers via the College's radio network.
  • Emergency Phones The campus is equipped with 32 "Blue Light" emergency phones located in parking lots throughout the campus. Officers perform lock-out and jump-start services for students and staff. "Lost and Found" items are held at the Security office until claimed.
  • SNAPThe College has a successful student-run, campus-wide escort service - SNAP (Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol) to walk students from building to building during the hours of darkness. When the student escort service is not on duty, the security officers perform the escort function.
  • MaristAlerts The Office of Safety and Security also produces and distributes several brochures in regards to Fire Safety, Personal Safety, and information how to register for MaristAlerts, our mass communications system that notifies students in the event of an emergency of snow delays and closures.
  • Parking – The Department is charged with creating and enforcing a parking system that meets the needs of all Students, Faculty, Staff, and guests. Presently there is adequate parking available for all on the campus proper, however, compliance with parking in the appropriate lots and locations must be adhered to by all users to maintain a parking program that is safe, and meets the needs of everyone. More information on parking can be found on this website.

The Security department utilizes a variety of technology to maximize safety on campus. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Mass Communications system – MaristAlerts
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Telephone & Radio recording
  • 200+ views on recorded  CCTV System
  • Gunshot Detection devices
  • Personal Wearable Safety devices with GPS – Ripple
  • 30+ parking lot blue light telephones
  • Access control cards and electronic doors

Marist College maintains a long-standing, working relationship with the police agencies that service the College and the surrounding area. They are: the Town and City of Poughkeepsie Police Departments, The Dutchess County Sheriff's Office, the New York State Police and the Investigation Section of the NYS Alcohol Beverage Control Board. Criminal investigations that involve college students as either crime victims or suspects are coordinated through the Security Office. The Office of Safety and Security meets with and shares with these agencies information of interest. Agencies readily send officers to College events such as career days, our annual Wellness Fair, and to address small student groups on various law enforcement and crime prevention topics. Several officers from various departments serve as members of our faculty teaching College courses on a part-time basis. The College, in cooperation with these agencies, also hosts a variety of seminars that bring together law enforcement officers and other human services providers to the campus.

Suggestions, comments, and concerns are always welcomed, we want to meet the needs and expectations of our community in the area of Safety and Security. Please feel free to email or call 845-575-3282.

The College's annual security compliance document can be accessed at: Annual Security & Fire Safety Report


Mission Statement

At Marist, the safety and wellbeing of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors are always our number one priority. Marist Security attempts to integrate itself into the overall educational mission of the College by fostering a sense of cooperation, respect, and teamwork among the campus community.


Emergency Numbers

On Campus  
Marist College Safety and Security 845-575-3282
Emergency Call Boxes Press Button 
Title IX Coordinator (845) 575-3799
Student Affairs (845)-575-3515 
Student Conduct (845)-575-3514 
Residence Life (845)-575-3307 
Marist Counseling Service (8:30 am-5:00 pm, M-F) (845) 575-3314 
Marist Health Services (8:30 am-7: 00 pm M-F) (845) 575-3270
Emergency 911 
Fire/Police/Ambulance 911
Town of Poughkeepsie Police (845) 485-3666
New York State Police Sexual Assault 24/7 Hotline (844) 845-7269 
Dutchess County Sheriff (845) 486-3800
Poughkeepsie Domestic Violence 24/7 Hotline (845) 485-5550 
Poughkeepsie Rape Crisis and Crime Victims 24/7 Hotline (845) 452-7272 
Poughkeepsie Grace Smith House for Domestic Violence Victims (845) 452-7155 
SAFE Unit at Hospital through Crime Victims (845) 452-7272 
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800) 784-2433 / (800) 273-8255


Missing Student Policy - Listing a Confidential Contact

Marist College has in place, a procedure for Missing Student Notification. This procedure includes the investigation into the whereabouts of the missing student and the notification of designated individuals as outlined and proscribed by the H.E.O.A. (Higher Education Opportunity Act) 

As required by law, each student has the right to list a Confidential Contact Person whom they entrust with information relative to their whereabouts should they be reported missing. A Confidential Contact Person is a person whom the student has chosen to be a point of contact to release information to Security, College Administrators and/or Law Enforcement Officials. The Confidential Contact does not have to be your parent or guardian. It can be any person you wish to designate to release information regarding your whereabouts. 

If you wish to list a Confidential Contact Person, go to the address on our web site: and follow the prompts. You may change your Confidential Contact Person at any time.

Pet Policy

Pets on campus grounds are to be properly leashed by the owner/handler at all times or will be subject to removal. The owner/handler is responsible for cleaning up after the pet. Additionally, pets are not allowed into campus buildings or structures or into any areas that serve food and/or beverages. Pets that exhibit aggressive or disruptive behavior will be subject to removal from campus. This policy does not apply to service animals.

Marist College Bicycle Registration Program

Bicycling has become an increasingly popular way of getting around campus, so the Office of Safety and Security is encouraging Marist students, faculty, and staff to register their bicycles at no cost. This program is voluntary and offers the following advantages:

  • Serves as a deterrent to theft
  • Assists in the identification of lost or stolen bicycles
  • Allows Security to easily notify the owner of lost or abandoned bicycles
  • Helps the College better plan for the future of bicycles housed on campus

Registering your bicycle is easy. Simply follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Download and fill out the Bicycle Registration Form  pdf icon
  2. Stop by the Safety and Security Office in Donnelly 201 with your completed form and bicycle Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. - 2:15 p.m.
  3. Investigator Ralph D’Aliso will give you a sequential Marist identification number for your bike and take a photo of it
  4. That’s it! You’re on your way

Crime Statistics and the Annual Security & Fire Safety Report

In compliance with the Clery Act, Marist College reports required crime statistics to the Department of Education and publishes them in our annual Security & Fire Safety Report. In addition to crime statistics, this report includes institutional policies related to campus security, such as policies concerning alcohol and drug use, crime prevention, the reporting of crimes, sexual assault, bias crimes, and other crimes. The crime statistics may be viewed at the following locations:

To receive a paper copy of the full report and crime statistics, contact the Safety & Security Office, Room 201 in Donnelly Hall or call (845) 575-3282.