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Spring 2022 Policies and Procedures

As we prepare for the Spring 2022 Term, the Marist community has maintained its COVID-19 vaccination rate of over 95 percent of students, faculty, and staff. Cases of COVID-19 within the Marist community have been low throughout the fall semester. We will continue to provide our students the best campus experience possible and continue to deliver everything that makes Marist a unique and vibrant place to live, learn, and work. The Marist community has come back stronger than ever, and we commend the diligence of students, faculty, and staff to persist in this manner through the academic year. Please use this website, including the buttons below, to follow along as we keep the Marist community informed of our continued progress and policy updates.

In compliance with the HERO Act Infectious Disease Exposure Prevention Plan, effective August 18, Marist has instituted a temporary and limited revision to the campus masking policy. The use of masks is required in all administrative buildings and indoor campus facilities.

Marist employees are encouraged to review Marist’s full New York State Hero Act Infectious Disease Exposure Prevention Plan HERE.



Six steps for keeping our community a safe place to live and learn.

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