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Department of Spiritual Life and Service

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Department of Spiritual Life and Service


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We are the Department of Spiritual and Religious Life. Our mission, drawn from its Judeo-Christian roots and the heritage of the Marist Brothers, is to support the spiritual and religious development of students as they respond to God's presence in their lives.

We work to foster a culture of faith for all undergraduate students of all faith traditions by building and nourishing a community of hospitality, prayer, service and education.

Religious Diversity

We celebrate diversity in all faith traditions by providing opportunities for students to grow in their spiritual and religious lives. We promote awareness and dialogue about various faith traditions, hoping to cultivate mutual understanding, respect, and harmony.

Students are provided with:

  • Prayer and worship services for various faith traditions.
  • Opportunities for Interfaith prayer and service experiences.
  • Faith based student groups.
  • Interfaith Retreats.
  • Spiritual guidance.
  • Interfaith Advocates.
  • Interfaith Prayer Space.
  • Connection to faith groups outside of the college.
  • Information on activities held at other local colleges.

Interfaith Student Advocates

Mission Statement: The Interfaith Advocates offers students from all faith backgrounds a welcoming, respectful, and nurturing opportunities to gather and celebrate religious and spiritual diversity, recognizing that there are many paths to God.