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Check Your Undergraduate Admission Application Status

Thank you for applying to Marist College.

To check the status of your application, please visit your personalized Admission Applicant Portal. If you completed a Common Application you will create a new account.

We are making every effort to process your application materials. Please be patient. In addition to the time it takes for your School Counseling Office to process your materials, it can then take us up to 14 days to process them.

We take great pride in our relations with the School Counseling community and assure you that if they told you they mailed everything, they did. We have a very specific process in place to make sure that you, a Marist applicant, are being given the best possible consideration. For instance, we process transcripts separately from letters of recommendation. So even though your School Counselor put everything in the same envelope, that doesn't mean we've processed it all at once. If more than three weeks have passed, please contact our office at before you check back with your School Counseling Office. Be assured, if your application is incomplete at the time of review we will contact you.


Application Type Deadline Notification Date
Early Decision I November 15 Mid-December
Early Action November 15 Mid-January
Early Decision II February 15 Late February
Regular Decision February 15 Mid-March
Transfer Rolling Admission Rolling


Admission decisions will first be delivered via 1st Class US Post Office Mail and then be available via the student portal. 

If you have problems or questions about the login process or forgot your Username/Password, please contact the Admission Office at 1-845-575-3226 or

If you indicated that you plan to apply for the HEOP or the Learning Support Program (LSP), please be sure to submit the supplemental program application by your chosen deadline.

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