Mary Babin '16


  By Jessica Bain '16

  During the Fall 2014 semester, English major Mary Babin interned
  with Paddington Arts Youth Centre in Westbourne Park, London. 
  While interning abroad, students can use the skills and knowledge
  that they have attained in their classes while also learning how to
  thrive in the different working environment of another culture. That
  might sound intimidating, but Mary assured us that interning abroad
  is an exciting way to learn a new culture and strengthen one’s skills
  at the same time.

 As an intern for Paddington Arts Youth Centre, Mary’s work focused on the Centre’s online magazine, Youth Arts Online.
 She describes working as “a journalist and P.R. representative,” and she felt well-prepared for the tasks required in her
 internship due to the skills and knowledge she gained from her English courses at Marist. In particular, she explains that
 Writing as a Discipline; Grammar, Style, and Editing; and Introduction to Professional Writing helped her to be successful
 as a “persuasive and confident writer."

profile Mary also learned that there are numerous differences between working in London versus in the United States. In particular, she came to appreciate the casual working environment at Paddington Arts Youth Centre, which reflected, as Mary’s internship supervisor explained to her, that “the British work to live, while the Americans live to work.”

Mary firmly believes that interning abroad is a great way to integrate skills learned at Marist into a different culture. She advises overseas interns, “Take
it easy your first day or two and learn the ropes; it is a different working culture than the U.S. And when in doubt, always offer to make tea!”