Jessica Durante '10


 Q: What kind of work do you do these days?
 I am a 7th grade Reading, English, Language Arts (RELA) teacher
 at General Smallwood Middle School in Charles County, MD.

 Q: Which aspects of your Marist experience have proven most useful
 to your professional life?
 Marist best prepared me for my career through all the opportunities
 I had to work in a classroom prior to graduation. I was required to
 complete one semester of observations and one semester of student
 teaching to graduate. Additionally, when I studied abroad in London I
 had the opportunity to intern in a secondary school which was an
 amazing and unique opportunity!

 Q: What advice would you give to students who are just starting out
 on their college careers?

 My advice to incoming students would be to push yourself outside
 your comfort zone and try things that scare you. Go abroad, take a hula
 dancing class, join the rugby team, take a class that overwhelms you.
 College is the time to step outside your comfort zone and experience
 new things and expose yourself to new ideas.