Anna Durkin '15


 By Nicole Knoebel '15

 Anna Durkin is a senior majoring in English with a concentration in Writing
 and minoring in Fashion Merchandising. Her ultimate career goal is working
 in the magazine industry as a fashion journalist. When Anna first came to
 Marist, she was unsure of whether she should major in Journalism or English.
 She says that the emphasis on strong writing skills led her to her English major.

 “I wanted to build writing fundamentals,” says Anna. “And also if I didn’t end up
 going into the journalism field, I wanted to do something in publishing or editing
 or proofing of books.”

 Looking to expand her resume and broaden her horizons, Anna spent the fall
 of her junior year studying abroad in London. She says of the experience, “I am
 so humbled to have had the opportunity to have studied in a country that holds
the roots of our language. I was especially fortunate to have been immersed in the world of Shakespeare, having had the
opportunity to see two Royal Shakespeare Company productions and one production performed at the Globe Theatre under
the direction of Professor Nigel Gearing, a renowned playwright and prominent individual of the British writing community.”

 While living in London, Anna interned with Extreme Stunts, an online sports magazine that was focusing on the 2012 Winter
 Olympics. Although the magazine content was outside her comfort zone, Anna took the internship as an opportunity to grow
 as a writer.“I’d like to think that having an international internship sitting on my resume looks impressive,” says Anna. “But
 I also feel like adapting to a different culture’s working environment definitely enhanced the way that I behave in a professional  
 environment, especially because the publication I was working for was completely outside of my field.”

 That resume boost led her to Hearst Magazine’s Good Housekeeping this semester, where she is a Home Intern. She credits
 her internships and confidence as a writer to her decision to be an English major. “I definitely think that I’m a more detailed
 writer,” she says. “I focus more on diction and syntax and structure. I feel that if you’re trying to convey an idea you need to
 be specific and communicate in a way that everyone understands.”

 Anna plans to move to New York City following graduation to pursue her career goal of becoming a fashion journalist.