Darren Cosgrove

Assistant Professor of Social Work


Dr. Cosgrove is a professor, researcher and social worker who focuses on queer and gender-affirming care, critical and transformative social work, and arts-based participatory action research. Dr. Cosgrove has spent several years working with LGBTQAI+ youth as a sexuality educator and has offered clinical services to both older adults in substance use recovery and LGBTQAI+ individuals and families. Dr. Cosgrove uses arts-based methodologies and participatory action research to work in partnership with transgender and nonbinary communities to explore identity development, affirmation and social stigma. Dr. Cosgrove is also a founding co-director of the multi-institutional Queer Social Work Lab. In the classroom, Dr. Cosgrove teaches social work and sociology courses through an anti-oppressive and socially transformative lens.


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