Kelli Nienstadt

Assistant Director of Admission


Educational Background:

BA, Communications, Marist College '19

MA, Communications, Marist College '22

What were you involved with on campus as a student?

I was involved in dance ensemble, greek life, student government, and the tour guide/ambassador program!

Favorite spot on campus: 

The Marist beach! Sitting on the Adirondack chairs in front of the library has the best view!

Favorite Marist tradition:

Senior Week!

Favorite Marist memory: 

Eating with my friends down by the river!

Best advice for the college search:

Visit the schools you are interested in to really get a feel of campus and to see if you can picture yourself on that campus!

Why did you choose Marist?

I chose Marist because of the incredible opportunities offered, and I absolutely loved joining dance ensemble as a student!

What makes Marist special to you?
The people! I met my best friends at Marist, and we made the most amazing memories during our 4 years. 


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Missouri, Montana, New York (Long Island and Queens), West Virginia, Wyoming


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