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Summer Pre-College Admission

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Studio Art in Italy

Due to Italian government regulations regarding students under the age of 18, we are unable to offer the Italy Summer Pre-College program in 2018. We are exploring our options for 2019 and beyond. This regulation does not impact students over the age of 18 in Marist's four-year degree programs or the Freshman Florence Experience. Please contact the Marist Admission Office with questions at admission@marist.edu.

This course will teach the basic techniques of figure and object drawing. The program is designed to introduce the fundamental principles and elements of drawing as well as the major techniques and media. Each lesson has a specific aim and forms part of a progressive build-up of skills. Still life, human figures, architecture, and nature will be investigated as subject matter. Students will be introduced to the fundamental principles and elements of drawing using charcoal, pencil and various other media. Reference to the exceptional works of art in the city of Florence will be investigated and analyzed as an integral part of the course.

Program Goals

  • Increased understanding and knowledge of drawing and composition 
  • Exposure to the great works of art in Florence
  • Development of a substantial portfolio of work for the college application process

The Marist Summer Studio Art Pre-College Program - offered in partnership with Istituto Lorenzo de’Medici - is a Portfolio Development Program for talented high school students who wish to pursue the visual arts as a career and obtain merit-based scholarships. The program is taught by professional artists in Florence, Italy, the home of the Renaissance. Students will enhance their skills, create a portfolio of work, and earn college credits while experiencing life in the great city where da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael once worked.