Summer Pre-College: FAQs

Have questions about summer pre-college? You've come to the right place!

COVID-19 Summer Pre-College Update

While we would prefer to host you on our riverfront campus, our Summer Pre-College program remains an incredible opportunity to earn college credit, test drive a major, and make friends from around the world at one of the nation's Top Pre-College Programs. This year's Summer Pre-College program will take place in an online, three-week format from July 12 - 30.

With this in mind, the answers to some of the below questions may not be applicable for Summer 2021, as we will not be hosting students on campus, nor will we be utilizing our New York City or Florence, Italy campus locations. 

Q. Why should I attend Summer Pre-College at Marist?

A. Marist's Summer Pre-College program is an exciting way for students to gain a unique college experience while still in high school. 

Academically, the students will be receiving 3 transferable college credits. Taught by Marist’s nationally-recognized faculty, the programs will provide a challenging, yet equally rewarding experience. The program allows students to gain hands-on experience in their respective fields, test drive their potential major, and earn three college credits. 

Professionally, Pre-College graduates gain the skills and confidence essential for success, regardless of where they plan to study in the future. Students will work one-on-one with Marist faculty and admission representatives, creating an outstanding support network as they continue their college search process. Students can request a one-on-one virtual interview with an admission counselor, and/or a letter of recommendation from their Marist professor, a strong addition to any college application. 

Q. Who is eligible for Summer Pre-College?

A. For Summer 2021, rising high school sophomores, juniors and seniors are eligible to apply.

Q. What is the cost of Summer Pre-College at Marist?

A. Summer Pre-College courses are $1,500 per course. Cost includes tuition and all course materials. 

Q. How do interested students go about the application process?

A. Prospective students shall submit a completed application, official high school transcripts (with Pre-College Transcript Request Form) , one Pre-College Recommendation Form , and a short essay about their interest in a Marist Summer Pre-College program.

Q. When is the application deadline?

A. Acceptance into the Summer Pre-College Program is on a rolling, space-available basis per program.

Q. When will I hear back regarding a decision on my application?

A. Once your application is submitted, you will receive a decision letter in the mail within two weeks.

Q. Are any types of financial aid available for prospective students?

A. Currently, there is no funding available.

Q. What are the dates of the program?

A. The Summer Pre-College programs are offered in an online, 3-week format from July 12 - 30. For a list of programs and dates they are offered, please visit the Dates page

Q. Can I stay for multiple courses?

A. During Summer 2021, students can only participate in one course during the 3-week period. 

Q. What will the typical day be like?

A. Students will spend 2-3 hours per day Monday - Friday in a synchronous video conference virtual classroom with their professor and classmates. Independent work, group assignments, studying, etc. will be required outside of those hours. Courses may include guest speakers, virtual field trips, and more. Enrolled students will receive a syllabus prior to the start of the program with additional details. Please refer to individual program pages for synchronous course times for each class. 

Q. When will the synchronous class times be? 

A. Synchronous class times will vary by program but are typically in the afternoon (ET) to accommodate students from various time zones. Please refer to individual program pages for synchronous course times for each class. 

Q. Will I get to engage with students from other programs? 

A. Yes! We will be offering a variety of virtual community engagement opportunities this summer, as well as an optional on-campus visit opportunity later this summer. More details to come. 

Q. Will there be an opportunity to visit campus?

A. Yes, students and one parent or legal guardian can come to campus for an optional overnight event, exclusively for our Summer Pre-College students from July 31 to August 1. You'll be able to connect with your Summer Pre-College classmates with an outdoor BBQ, lawn games, an outdoor movie night, and more! Each family will have their own private on-campus apartment to stay in during the event.

Q. Will orientation take place prior to the start of the program?

A. Yes, we will be hosting a virtual orientation to introduce the virtual Summer Pre-College program, help acclimate students to our online learning platform, iLearn, and other important information! This orientation is mandatory and lasts approximately one hour. Summer 2021 virtual orientation will be on Sunday, July 11th. 

Q. Can I apply for academic accommodations?

A. Please complete the accommodations form included in your accept packet and email it to Staff from our Office of Accommodations and Accessibility will reach out to discuss accommodations with the student individually. 

Q. Will this count for college credit?

A. Students will earn 3 transferable college credits upon completion of the course. Course descriptions can be found on the Programs page.

Q. How hard is the work?

A. You will be tackling college-level material. You will be challenged, but also encouraged in your learning experience by faculty instructors dedicated to helping you. This program will provide a strong idea of what college work will be like for you.