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Fall Semester 2023

image of students at LGBTQ+ Fall Festival

LGBTQ+ Fall Festival

The First Queer and Trans Fall Festival of Joy was held on the Marist Green last week on National Coming Out Day hosted by The Queer and Trans Committee (QTC) of Marist and Student Activities. The festival featured pumpkin painting, paper flower making, whipped cream eating contests, and more. Organizations like Dutchess County Pride, the Hudson Valley's 'Transcenders Team,' and GLSEN + Trans Closet set up booths to represent the resources in the local community.
Celebrating all week long: The QTC also hosted a screening of Paris is Burning and a guest speaker event on Polylogues, an interview-based show that investigates real people's experiences with nonmonogamy — and love in all its forms. There was also a Queer and Trans Luncheon which was designed to provide a safe space where queer and trans students, faculty, and staff could discuss their experiences and spend time together as a community. 
Why it matters: “The aim of the festival is to bring students, staff, and faculty together to highlight the importance of LGBTQ+ community, history, and most importantly, joy!” said Shane Dzimian, Marist Clinical Counselor. The QTC plans to host a series of events throughout the year to stimulate conversation and community connectedness beyond the month of Pride.

image of students and alumni panel for career connections ibm

Career Connections at IBM Z Day

IBM Z Day makes its 2nd round on campus: Marist IBM Z Day was overflowing with School of Computer Science and Mathematics students. The two-hour mentoring session included a career Q&A panel of nine Marist Alumni working at IBM, a mainframe presentation from an IBM client, and an introduction to IBM Z Xplore.
Challenge Accepted: IBM Z Xplore is a series of computer challenges using IBM mainframe computing technology. IBM associates teamed up with students through these challenges to help them become highly desirable IBM job candidates.
Unlocking Career Opportunities: Students who successfully completed high level challenges received an invite to an exclusive IBM virtual career fair. 
A Special Thanks: IBM Z Day was organized by Christy Schroeder, Marist alumna ‘91/’93 and IBM Joint Study Director, to help Marist students get their foot in the door at large systems companies.

Image of The Regalian Bodies Fashion Exhibit Opening

The Regalian Bodies Fashion Exhibit Opening

The Regalian Bodies fashion exhibit in the Steel Plant is now open. Showcasing the creations of rising designer Jontay Kahm, a former Marist student featured in Vogue. Kahm's innovative designs seek to redefine Native fashion, blending traditional Plains Cree elements with future-forward silhouettes.
Inspiring students: Kahm's dresses, adorned with sculpted feathers and ribbons, challenge conventional notions of fashion and offer a fresh perspective to students. In a world dominated by fast fashion, Kahm's meticulous craftsmanship and use of unconventional materials stand out. His ability to meld tradition with innovative forms allows students to see how a designer can push fashion boundaries.
The Big Picture: The fashion gallery exposes students to famous historic designers, unique clothing, and craftsmanship inspired by the Native designer’s culture.

Banned Books Week

How it started: This year marks Marist’s fifth annual Banned Books Week, which began in 1982 to manage the rise of censorship of books.
Power within the pages: The event brings people together to celebrate important pieces of literature that have been restricted in libraries and schools. Individuals are empowered to reclaim lost knowledge and embrace expansive thoughts and ideas.
Uplifting voices: Marist students who engage with Banned Books Week help uplift literary voices and topics that have been silenced. The Marist Library continues the legacy of producing a space where banned books are celebrated and students help facilitate free thinking.

Image of VIP Networking Event.

VIP Networking Event

Quick recap: Each year, Marist hosts notable alumni companies to come and network with students to help expand their network. Companies that came to the event included ABC Television, JP Morgan Chase, and Ralph Lauren, to name a few.
How it impacts the students: Alumni on campus simplify networking and provide accessibility for those unable to venture off-campus to establish connections. The event “gives you a real-world experience of connecting to alumni, exploring possible career paths, and putting yourself out there,” Julia Ventrice ’25 said.
Establishing relationships is key: Recruiters all graduated from Marist. “They sat in the same seats as our students and had some of the same professors, making it easy to connect with and give advice. This is a tremendous benefit to students,” said Desmond Murray, Associate Director for the Employee Experience.