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Department of Communication

B. A. Communication, Advertising concentration

The Marist College Advertising concentration prepares students for careers in the many areas of specialization found in the Advertising industry and its related fields. Advertising students prepare for a lifelong career in advertising by becoming avid investigators and critics of national and international advertising, as well as advertising business practices. 

College Advertising Courses

The four-year curriculum is based upon a strong foundation of core liberal arts and communication studies classes. After exploring the Advertising industry, its disciplines, and its place in society, students choose to pursue a course of study in either creative or marketing specializations.

The Advertising course of study with a creative emphasis prepares students to conceptualize, create, and produce advertising for all media. There is actual hands-on experience with creating and producing advertising for newspaper, magazines, transit, TV, radio, and the Internet. Students have frequent contact with the advertising community locally and in New York City by way of agency visits, guest speakers, and internships. Advertising students are encouraged to enter national advertising competitions. At the end of this program, the student will have a portfolio of sample advertising work to show prospective employers.

The marketing emphasis course of study prepares students for careers in Advertising agencies, working as an account executive, media buyer, or researcher. Students can also consider a career in manufacturing as a brand manager or sales representative. Students with this emphasis are encouraged to do a Minor course of study in areas such as business, foreign language, or psychology. Some students choose to go to Graduate School to pursue a Master of Business Administration. Junior and Seniors have the opportunity to complete internships locally, in New York City, Albany, and Boston.

College advertising concentration at Marist CollegeCommunication Foundation Courses (12 credits)

The communication major is required to take four foundation courses. These courses will be taken during the freshman and sophomore years. The courses are:

 COM 102 Introduction to Communication 3 cr

 COM 103 Digital Toolbox 3 cr

 COM 101 Public Presentations 3 cr

 COM 200 Communication Research: Strategies and Methods 3 cr

Advertising Concentration (18 credits) 

 COM 220 Principles of Strategic Advertising

 COM 324 Research and Consumer Insights

 COM 329 Creative Problem Solving

 COM 314 Media Strategy

 COM 423 Strategic Advertising Campaign Development

 Select one:

 COM 354 Visual Storytelling

 COM 358 Digital, Direct & Database Advertising

 COM 424 Branding

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Note: Students will be held to the requirements of the catalog of the year in which they declare their major.