Department of Communication


B.A. Communication, Journalism concentration

The journalism program is designed to stir the student's spirit of curiosity, resourcefulness, and concern about the issue of the day. Students practice the fundamentals of thorough news gathering and concise writing while they also study the history, literature, and law of their field.

In upper-level courses, students explore the growing diversity of journalism. In television and radio news courses, students take their new skills into the studio, to incorporate the sights and sounds of news events in their reports. In the new area of multimedia reporting, students use computer technology to research, write and display their stories, connecting to audiences worldwide. The program also offers courses in feature writing, specialized reporting areas and readings from journalism's literary side.

Communication Foundation Courses (12 credits)

The communication major is required to take four foundation courses. These courses will be taken during the freshman and sophomore years. The courses are:

COM 102 Introduction to Communication 3 cr

COM 103 Digital Toolbox 3 cr

COM 101 Public Presentations 3 cr

COM 200 Communication Research: Strategies and Methods 3 cr

Journalism Concentration (18 credits)

COM 242 Introduction to Journalism

COM 243 Journalism Skills

COM 466 Journalism Workshop

Select one:

COM 236 News Editing

COM 322 Newswriting

COM 327 Magazine Writing

COM 331 Broadcast Newswriting

Select one:

COM 328 Magazine Layout & Design

COM 332 Producing the Newscast

COM 345 Photojournalism

Select one:

COM 300 Mass Communication Law

COM 341 Press in America

COM 342 Readings in Journalism

For more information, please visit the Communication Course Requirements page or view the expanded course descriptions pdf icon