Department of Communication

Sports Communication

B.A. Communication, Sports Communication concentration

Sports Communication takes students beyond team scores and statistics. It requires that students read and analyze sports in new ways, critically examining the role of sports in society and considering such areas as gender, race, and public policy in the context of sports. The program combines ethical and theoretical depth with practical writing and public presentation skills. It further prepares students for careers in sports information and journalism by requiring an internship in the field.

Communication Foundation Courses (12 credits)

The communication major is required to take four foundation courses. These courses will be taken during the freshman and sophomore years. The courses are:

COM 102 Introduction to Communication 3 cr

COM 103 Digital Toolbox 3 cr

COM 101 Public Presentations 3 cr

COM 200 Communication Research: Strategies and Methods 3 cr

Sports Communication Concentration (18 credits)

COM 242 Introduction to Journalism

COM 260 Sport, Culture, and Communication

COM 308 Communication Internship (3 credits)

COM 365 Issues in Sports Media

Select two:

COM 445 Sports Reporting

COM 448 Sports Broadcasting

COM 460 Sports Public Relations

For more information, please visit the Communication Studies Course Requirements page or view the expanded course descriptions pdf icon