Joey R. Fanfarelli

Associate Professor of Games and Emerging Media


Dr. Fanfarelli is a professor, researcher, author, and patented inventor at Marist’s School of Communication and the Arts. Prior to Marist, he spent a combined seven years at the University of Central Florida’s Games and Interactive Media Department and Institute for Simulation & Training working on projects with organizations like the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and NASA.

His current research focuses on digital badging and video games, and how these digital entities can integrate educational and psychological theory to enhance design. His book, Designing Effective Digital Badges: Applications for Learning, identifies how digital badges succeed and fail to enhance education, and how these qualities feed into their practical design. In addition to the book, Dr. Fanfarelli’s work has been presented in five countries and has resulted in more than 20 publications. He also holds a patent on an automated system and method for simulating human judgment in the comparison of digital image pairs. This process was originally created to compare simulation-based training systems, and can be used to identify whether or not a human is likely to detect a difference between two similar images.


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