Dr. James E. Helmreich

Associate Professor of Mathematics


Jim Helmreich majored in mathematics and economics at Bowdoin College, received a MA and Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Maryland, and a MS in Statistics from The State University of New York at Albany. He served two years in the Central African Republic as a Peace Corps volunteer and also taught high school mathematics in New Hampshire. While his original mathematical training was as a logician, more recently he has worked in various areas in statistics, especially methods for adjusting for potential bias in observational studies. He is interested in all aspects of undergraduate mathematical education. A version of a current working paper may be found here. Mr. Helmreich lives in the town of Milan in Northern Dutchess County with his wife Meg, daughter Rae, a dog, three cats, fish and mice (the latter uninvited). He enjoys gardening, biking, swimming, and reading a good book, especially science fiction and natural history. He also has recently made good on a promise he made himself years ago and is learning to play the banjo.


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