Dr. Joseph Kirtland

Professor of Mathematics


Joseph Kirtland received his Ph.D. from the University of New Hampshire and his B.S. from Syracuse University. His professional interests are finite and infinite group theory, linear algebra, mathematics education, and mathematical computing. He also enjoys poetry (Philip Larkin and Mary Oliver are two of his favorite poets), hiking (he and his wife have hiked all the peaks over 3,500 feet in the Catskills), and cycling (his road bike can be often seen in Northern Dutchess County).

A dedicated teacher, Joe has been selected ten times by the students of Marist for the Faculty Recognition Award in the School of Computer Science and Mathematics. In 2000, he was presented with the Marist College Board of Trustees’ Distinguished Teaching award, and in 2002, he received the Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics given by the Metropolitan New York section of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA).  Joe also authored the book Proofs 101: An Introduction to Formal Mathematics to serve as an introduction to upper-level mathematics.

Due to Joe’s research interests in decompositions of finite groups, he authored a book entitled Complementation of Normal Subgroups in Finite Groups, published by DeGruyter. Additionally, Joe studies the application of group theory to the creation and use of check digit schemes. Based on his efforts, he has written a book titled Identification Numbers and Check Digit Schemes, published by the MAA. This book won the MAA’s Beckenback Book Prize, awarded to an author of a distinguished, innovative book published by the MAA.


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