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School of Computer Science and Mathematics


Hancock Center 3044



(845) 575-3616


Dr. K. Peter Krog

Associate Professor of Mathematics


Peter majored in mathematics at Worcester State College in his hometown of Worcester, MA. He went on to complete his Master's and doctoral degrees at the University of Connecticut. Peter and his wife Donna live in Hyde Park, NY.


BS, Worcester State College
MS, University of Connecticut
PhD, University of Connecticut

Research Interests / Areas of Focus

Peter's original mathematical training was in the area of finite-rank torsion-free abelian groups; in particular, the structure of balanced and cobalanced Butler groups. Together with colleagues Lynne Doty and Tracey McGrail, Peter has written an instructional module on chip-firing games and their application to probability theory. The module is useful as both a classroom tool and as a resource for motivated students of probability or discrete mathematics seeking independent study projects. Peter has also worked on a small research project with Bob McGrail of Bard College on computer sorting algorithms. In 2002-2003, Peter directed an undergraduate Honors project that explored the conditions under which quintic polynomials of a certain form are solvable by radicals.

Selected Publications

"Probability and Chip Firing Games", with Lynne L. Doty and Tracey Baldwin McGrail, Module 04-1, DIMACS Educational Module Series, September 2004.

"Pivot Analysis and Key Diversity in Quicksort", with Robert W. McGrail, Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Computer Science and its Applications (ICCSA 2004), San Diego, CA, June 2004.

"Balanced and cobalanced Butler groups", Journal of Algebra, Vol. 238, No. 2, April 2001, pp. 442-458.

"Characterizations of Balanced and Cobalanced Butler Groups" , Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Connecticut, 1996.

Selected Presentations

"A Course Module on the Probabilistic Abacus", MathFest 2004, Providence, RI (August 2004).

"The Structure of Balanced Butler Groups", International Conference on Abelian Groups and Modules, Colorado Springs, CO (August 1995)


  • American Mathematical Society
  • Mathematical Association of America