Health & Safety

Image of Frankie the Fox COVID Cleared Badge

It is the responsibility of every Red Fox to help safeguard the health and safety of our campus community by following campus guidelines, limiting travel, and engaging in continued self-monitoring. The goal is to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and create a safe campus environment for all. 


COVID Cleared

Students and employees must be in full compliance with Marist’s COVID-related policies to be permitted on campus.  Students who have met the requirements outlined below will see a green “Cleared” status bar under their name in myMarist. Students who do not meet the requirements outlined below will see a red “Not Cleared” status bar in myMarist under their name, and should click on “Action Items” to identify issues that must be resolved in order to obtain clearance status. Please note that students who are “Not Cleared” are not permitted to attend on-ground classes or come to campus. 

Students are cleared to be on campus if they: 

  • Comply with the College’s vaccination policy including exemption status
  • Adhere to mandatory quarantine or isolation (if applicable)
  • Are not subject to a judicial hold
  • Complete daily Health Attestation in MyMarist (Required for all student employees)


COVID-19 Training Module:

Marist  has updated its COVID-19 training module to apply to the HERO Act and  further educate employees on its safety plan. Employees are encouraged to view this training beginning on Friday, September 17 in MyMarist.



Marist Students

Any Marist students who are not vaccinated and do not have a College-approved medical or religious COVID-19 vaccination exemption will not be permitted to be on campus. 

External visitors

All vendors attending campus are required to complete the COVID-19 Self-Reporting Survey.

Admission visitors

Visitors to campus for admissions purposes will be accommodated in accordance with NYS requirements and CDC guidelines. Visit for more information.

Questions? Check out our FAQs page.