Hudson River College Cruise

Hudson River College Cruise

Welcome to the Hudson River College Cruise! College admission experts from Bard, The Culinary Institute of America, Marist, RPI, Vassar, and West Point will present on various topics designed to help make your college search and application process less stressful and more productive, despite world events. 

Schedule of Events


Wednesday, June 17th (EDT)

5:00 PM Fall 2020 and Uncharted WatersThis panel discussion will cover navigating fall travel, collaborating with school counselors and community based organizations, engaging prospective students, and application review in our current climate. There’s a lot to discuss, and we hope you’ll join the conversation. Register


Previous Events

Engineering Your College Essay: A STEM Perspective on College Essays - We read thousands of college essay every year so we know how stressful students find it to write theirs. Join us to learn how you can write your best college essay. You'll also learn how to write a STEM focused essay regardless of whether or not you are applying to a STEM college or university. Watch Recording
Application Review: What You Can and Cannot Control - Holistic application review means that colleges are looking at every aspect of a student's application from extra-curricular involvements to academics to recommendations and more. But there are factors applicants have no control over like institutional priorities and changes in the admissions landscape. Join Assistant Director of Admission Rachelle Ehrman from Vassar College to learn more about what you can do to best represent yourself in your college application and what circumstances may be beyond your control. Watch Recording
Admission to The U.S. Military Academy at West Point - Thousands of America’s best and brightest high school students apply for admission to West Point each year — but you should know that it takes more than excellent grades to earn an appointment to West Point. Applicants must have the necessary critical thinking skills to successfully navigate the academic rigors of a West Point education; they must be physically fit to meet the demands of military training and athletics; they must possess character that is beyond reproach; they must have grit; and they must have a desire for challenge and to be part of something bigger than themselves. Join this presentation and Q&A to learn what it takes to receive an appointment to West Point. Watch Recording
Hospitality & Culinary Schools - Join Domenick Burruano, Director of Admissions at The Culinary Institute of America, for a presentation on how to choose a Culinary/Hospitality College. We will discuss the benefits of a culinary or hospitality degree, the different career paths within the food industry, how to stand out within the application process, along with tips to ensure you select the best college fit. Watch Recording
COVID-19 and Your College Search - Marist College’s Director of Undergraduate Admission, Chris Doyle, will lead this presentation and Q&A focused on ways to conduct your college search despite COVID-19, quarantine and social distancing. He'll show you how to research colleges, understand their culture and ask thoughtful questions that help you better understand the experience they offer and how to identify your best fit. Watch Recording
The Power Of A Liberal Arts Education - This session explores the lifelong advantages of a Liberal Arts education. Built upon a foundation of critical thinking, incisive questioning, creative problem solving and the practical application of theoretical discussion -- skills that we will rely on increasingly as the world around us shifts in predictable and unpredictable ways. This approach to learning requires the development of crucial skills that are often de-emphasized in a tracked or more singular approach to higher education. Empathy, flexibility, and ingenuity are integral to our ability to effectively adapt to the changing environment and to adequately consider the impacts of our voices and our actions. A Liberal Arts education empowers students to explore their passions deeply, to own their roles as developing professionals in their field(s) of study, and contribute to the world in new and necessary ways as independent thinkers and global citizens. Watch Recording

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