“Managers Who Influence,” a three-month program designed to develop key competencies necessary to managing and leading successfully, led by Carol Heady, president of Learning and Performance Solutions (September–December 2015, February–May 2016)

Vanessa De Luca, editor-in-chief of Essence magazine, spoke on being a female leader in the publishing industry (3/31/16)


Vanessa De Luca, editor in chief of Essence magazine

Above: Vanessa De Luca, the editor-in-chief of Essence magazine and one of the top leaders in the magazine world, visited Marist on March 31, 2016. Ms. De Luca met with MPWMP participants in the Hancock Center on campus and spoke about being a female leader in the publishing industry.

Essence is an influential monthly magazine for African-American women covering fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and current issues in the African-American community. Ms. De Luca received a BA, cum laude, in English and American literature from Harvard University and an MS in magazine concentration from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Later during her Marist visit, she met with students, senior administrators, and members of the College’s Diversity Council.


 In celebration of International Women's Day, a webinar and discussion, "#LeadLikeAGirl: How Women Leaders Ignite Impact" (3/8/16)

 Carmen Peña, CEO of Life Consultants International, led a workshop on emotional intelligence skills (2/2/16)

Carmen Pena

Carmen Peña, CEO of Life Consultants International, led a workshop on emotional intelligence skills for MPWMP participants on Feb. 2, 2016, in the Hancock Center on campus. Life Consultants International is a training and development business offering uniquely designed services to contribute to the happiness, health, and success of organizations and individuals worldwide. Ms. Peña received a master’s degree from Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree from the University at Albany.


Jennie Donohue, public relations faculty member in Marist's School of Communication and the Arts, presented “Creating and Communicating Your Professional Brand” (10/5/15)

 Shaileen Kopec, former vice president of college advancement at Marist and longtime administrator in the College’s Advancement and Admissions offices, spoke on being a woman pioneer at Marist (9/21/16)

 Webinar and discussion, "Leadership Secrets of Remarkable Women" (8/4/15)

 Webinar and discussion, "How to Work Effectively with People Who Act, Think and Work So Differently From You" (6/22/15)

Gilda Bonanno, Marist Class of 1993 and a professional speaker, trainer, and coach, presented a workshop on presentation/communication skills (5/14/15)

Webinar and discussion, "Striking a Healthy Work/Life Balance" (3/26/15)

Discussion inspired by the January 2015 op-ed in The New York Times by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant, “Speaking While Female,” which explored why women sometimes don't speak up at work, led by Carol Heady, president of Learning and Performance Solutions (2/26/15)

Networking event with the Mid-Hudson Association of Women in Higher Education (6/12/14)

Webinar, "Collaboration Skills in the Workplace"  (3/27/14)

Public speaking workshop with Michelle Lederman (1/10/14)

Diversity workshop with Nancy Kaplan (12/16/13)

  "Philanthropy and Public Service," presentation by Ray Lamontagne (11/20/13)

Aisha Kutter, Marist Class of 2000, presented the workshop "Project Management and Entrepreneurship"  (10/24/13)

Webinar, "Developing Your Leadership Voice" (9/24/13)

Amanda Augustine, Marist Class of 2004, presented a workshop on personal branding (6/28/13)

Customer Service workshop with Carol Heady, president of Learning and Performance Solutions (5/15/13)

Orientation session for new mentors/mentees (4/3/13)

Annual MPWMP informational luncheon with keynote by Moira Fitzgibbons (2/11/13)

Open House at Marist's Cornell Boathouse for program participants (1/11/13)

Financial Management workshop with Dr. Satina Williams (11/12/12)

"Dealing with Difficult People," workshop with Brother Sean Sammon (10/17/12) 

"The Bartender’s Guide to Leadership" with Marist School of Management faculty member Dr. Helen Rothberg (9/13/12)

Networking workshop with Laura Katen (7/25/12)

 PR professional Timmian Massie presented "Using Social Media to Promote Your Personal Brand." Mr. Massie is senior vice president for marketing, public affairs, and government relations for Health Quest and served as chief public affairs officer for Marist College for more than 17 years.


Archive of Past Events

2012 Information Session

Thursday, January 26

Geoffrey L. Brackett
Executive Vice President

Mentor Program Participant Reflections

Jane Fiore
Director, Academic Learning Center

Elizabeth Donohue
Associate Athletic Director, S.W.A.

Program Overview
Joey Wall
Director, Media Center

Keynote Speaker
Joanne Gavin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior
Marist College

Winter Solstice 2012

Communication Skills Workshop

October 3, 2011

Marist Professional Women's Mentor Program

Reviews of Laura Katen's first presentation were so good that we decided to bring her back for a longer session in order to take a deeper dive into optimizing workplace communication, how we present ourselves, and how others perceive us. The session was fun and interactive and featured role-playing exercises. Other topics Laura covered include how to be a confident presenter and how to be an effective listener.

Lauren Katen communication workshop


June 27, 2011

Effective Communication/Presentation Skills

Laura Katen is a consultant who presented to the group on the elements that go into communication and how to make a great first impression. This presentation was part of MPWMP's Lunch and Learn series.

May 26, 2011

Healthy Eating/Healthy Living

Our Lunch and Learn series continued with nutritionist Evelyn Gezo, who gave the group tips on how to live a healthier life.

April 21, 2011

"Quarter-Life Crisis: Myth or Reality?" PDF

The Marist Professional Women's Mentor Program kicked off its "Lunch and Learn" series on April 21, 2011 with a presentation by MPWMP participants Melissa Lulay and Jennifer Unterbrink. The topic of their talk was the quarter-life crisis, whether it's a myth or reality, and how it affects new professionals. As the Millennials start to enter their 20s and 30s, there is increased awareness of the identity crisis they may experience. Given from the point of view of new professionals, this program explored characteristics of the quarter-life crisis, challenges Millennials may face, and advice for those who supervise and/or advise them.

September 30, 2010

"Speed Communication"

This special event, sponsored by the President’s Office and hosted at the Oliver Hazard Payne Mansion in Esopus, was a continuation of the MPWMP multi-part education series on networking and communication skills.

This event gave participants the opportunity to practice their networking skills via multiple pairings with other participants, all while enhancing communication skills and expanding professional networks.

In addition to the networking program, this event also featured a welcome and introduction to the mansion from President Murray and a keynote address by Carol Heady. Carol is the Founder and President of Learning and Performance Solutions and a member of the Marist Professional Women's Mentor Program Advisory Committee.


July 28, 2010

"Managing Stress in the Workplace with Humor" presented by Alan Glickman

Alan believes in the healing powers of humor, and he has been creating health care humor presentations for more than 35 years. Alan is a family nurse practitioner at Emergency One, the company that manages Marist’s Employee Assistance Program.

Download Flash to view.

This professional development workshop covered the following topics:

  • How and why humor benefits you both psychologically and physiologically
  • How to use humor to alleviate stress and burnout
  • How to use humor therapeutically in care-giving and in interpersonal relationships

November 18, 2009

2009 MPWMP Annual Luncheon and Information Session Photo Highlights

Download Flash to view.

This event marked the second year of the Marist Professional Women's Mentor Program. The luncheon included a welcome by College President Dennis Murray, reflections from pilot participants, and a keynote address by local business owner Ellyn Enisman.

Excerpts From Keynote Address:

"Many people often think that in order to be a mentor you must be in a high-powered career on the fast track, and if they're not, they have nothing to offer. This is one of the greatest myths."

"The real power of mentoring is in the relationship. In fact, mentoring IS the relationship."

"Most people think of the mentor/mentee relationship as: mentor as teacher and mentee as learner. What I want to share with you from my experience is that whatever role you enter the relationship in, you will end up being both mentor and mentee. I have learned some of the most powerful lessons from my mentees."

"I would urge you to think in terms of investment instead of time, and promise that this program will have a profound effect on all the relationships in your life."

- Ellyn Enisman, Founder of EKS Consultants, Inc.

August 25, 2009

MPWMP-Hosted Web and Audio Conference on Women's Leadership and Social Networking/Closing Ceremony for Program Pilot

April 1, 2009

Group Luncheon for Active Mentors and Mentees

January 14, 2009

Orientation Session for Participating Mentors and Mentees

November 19,2008

2008 MPWMP Premiere Luncheon and Information Session Photo Highlights

This luncheon was the official launch and information session of the Women's Mentoring Program, which is intended to facilitate positive mentor relationships for female administrators at Marist. The luncheon featured information for potential participants as well as an exciting speaker, Pamela Perkins-Dwyer, who discussed the dual benefits of a mentor relationship.