Sang-Keun Yoo

Assistant Professor of English


Dr. Sang-Keun Yoo earned his Ph.D. in English from the University of California, Riverside, with a designated emphasis in Speculative Fiction and the Cultures of Science. His dissertation, supported by a Fulbright Fellowship and titled “Speculative Orientalism: Asian Religions in New Wave Science Fiction,” is slated for publication by Bloomsbury Academic in 2024. As the Submissions Editor for Asia and its Diaspora at the Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts, Dr. Yoo also serves as the Korea Representative for the Science Fiction Research Association. His scholarly work has been published in a range of journals, including Science Fiction Film and Television and the International Journal of Korean History. Dr. Yoo has received several prestigious awards throughout his academic career, such as the Outstanding TA Award, Jamie Bishop Award, Walter James Miller Award, and an International Student Leadership Award.


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