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Academic School

School of Management


51 Fulton Street, Room 220



(845) 926-2481

John C. Cary

Professional Lecturer of Management


Dr. Cary is a lecturer of primarily management courses in the School of Management at Marist College but at times takes on additional classes from the DEAF department. He has taught the following courses: Business 100, HR Management, Organizational Behavior, SBI (Summer Business Institute), Financial Management, Macroeconomics, Finance for Entrepreneurs, Capital Markets, First Year Seminar, and TA for a few MBA / MPA classes. As a former entrepreneur, owning his own franchise, he typically embeds many of the tools and skills learned from that business experience into his classroom pedagogy.


EdD, St. John Fisher University
MBA Finance, Loyola University, New Orleans
BS Geology, University of Alabama


Dissertation: Franchise Entrepreneurial Leadership: The Relationship between Levels of Success in a National Logistics Franchise System and Its Dominant Leadership Style

Research Interests / Areas of Interest

  • Business Ethics and its impact on individual decision-making and corporate wellbeing.
  • Franchise Business Models
  • Entrepreneurship and small business strategy
  • Management decision-making based on HR management incentives and rewards

Selected Publications

Are Costs Sticky? Evidence from the Field: (Journal of Economic and Business Review, Accepted May 2018)

Ethics under Pressure: A study of the effects of Gender, Religiosity, and Income under the Perception of Pressure (JLAE, Accepted June 2019)

Impact of Confucianism on Compensation Structure for Founder CEOs (International Journal of Business, 25 (3) Accepted for publication May 2020)

Franchise Entrepreneurship Leadership: Leadership Dominance and its Level of Success at the Franchise Level (JLAE, Accepted June 2020)

Word of Mouth (WOM) for Consumers: All You Can Eat Japanese Restaurants (International Journal of Business & Society, Accepted October 2021)

The Centrality of Brand Awareness (International Journal of Business Studies, Dec 2021)

Ethics and the Dampening Effects of Pressure: The Moderating Role of Employment Level, Tenure, and Company Size (Journal of Organizational Psychology, June 2022)

How do Organizations Respond to Workplace Deviance under the influence of Organizational Citizenship in Public Universities? (Journal of Pengurusan, July 2022)

Impact of Stress Levels on Ethicality for Employees (Journal of Applied Business & Economics, November 2022)

Selected Presentations

RSS: Virtual Management, Marist College November 2015

Northeast Business & Economics Association: Dissertation Franchise Entrepreneurial Leadership: The Relationship between Levels of Success in a National Logistics Franchise System and Its Dominant Leadership Style, Jamaica, NY, November 2015

Assessment Conference: Student-led Assessment Workshop, Wabash College, Nov 2016

Susilo Conference: Ethics Under Pressure, Boston, Mass June 2017

RSS: Student – Led Assessment Outcome Marist College November 2017

Chicago Mercantile Exchange: Contest Winners Presentation, Chicago, IL, April 2018

IBVEC Conference: Ethics Under Pressure, St. John’s University, NYC October 2018

GCSEN (Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship Network): Social Venture Research Institute, Wheaton College, January 2019 

USFGIR (Student / Faculty Guided Int’l Research): Hurricanes & Bond Prices, Marist College, April 2019

Explorations in Social Justice Conference (Poster Presentation): Corporate Social Performance: Just or Unjust? Marist College, September 2019

Venture Fest 2019: HV Entrepreneurs and Investors: SUNY New Paltz, October 2019

Northeast Business & Economics Association: How do Hurricanes Affect State Municipal Bond Prices? Newport, RI, November 2019  

ML-Based Feature Importance Estimation for Predicting Unethical Behavior under Pressure (International Conference of Machine Learning, June 2019)

GCSEN (Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship Network): Social Venture Research Institute, Wheaton College, January 2020.

Northeast Decision Science Institute (NEDSI) Conference: A Study of the Relationship between Employment Attributes, Ethics, and the Damping Effect of Pressure. Houston, TX (Virtual Conference) March 2021.

Mid-West Academy of Management (MAM) Conference: An Examination of the Effect on Employment – Ethics Relationship, St. Ambrose University, October 2021.

I-COME (Int’l Conference of Management & Entrepreneurship) Keynote Speaker: Digitalization and Business Development, Indonesia (Virtual Conference), July 2021.
Northeast Business & Economics Association: The Asset Bubble of the Roaring 2020’s. Atlantic City, NJ, November 2021.

Eastern Academy of Management International (EAMI) Conference: The Impact of Stress Levels on Ethicality for Employees. EmLyon Business School, Lyon, France, June 2022.

International Vincentian Business Ethics Conference (IBVEC) Conference: An Exploration of Consumer Privacy Preferences and the Impact on Buying Behavior, St. John’s University, Virtual October 2022.

Awards & Honors

Conducted Beta Testing: I-Learn Web Conferencing (Corri Nicoletti) 2016

Target Corporation Contest: Organizational Behavior Project (Winner Fall 2014)

The Technology Innovation & Digital Education Award (2018 – 2019 Winner): Designed a Podcast (I-Tunes) for Personal Finances, Marist College; April 2019. Website Design

College Committees

Interim Facilitator for Mid-Hudson Regional Business Plan Competition (MHRBPC)

Member of the Strategic Planning Committee: 2021

Member of the DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) Committee: 2021

Member of the Assessment Committee: 2016-2019

Corporate Sector

Unishippers – Westchester, NY -  February 2020 – Sept 2020

Position: Consultant


GCSEN -Kingston, NY - November 2018 - 20209

Global Ctr for Social Entrepreneurship Network

Position: Consultant


Unishippers - Marlboro, NY - February 1992 – April 2015

3rd Party National Logistics Company

Position: Franchise Owner  


Mellon Financial Services – Fort Lee, NJ - 1989 – 1992   

Position: Staff accountant


Bear Stearns – New York, NY - 1987 – 1989
Equity Trading 

Position: Entry Level Associate

Other Interests

I enjoy a variety of sports and outdoor activities including tennis, running, hiking, and walking.

Additionally, I have played the guitar (acoustic, electric, and classical) for years but most recently my focus has been on the classical guitar (last seven years), which has been an enjoyable challenge.

I started a guitar workshop at Marist through the student activities organization, providing free guitar lessons for students at the beginners and intermediate level.

Our family has enjoyed vacations at LBI NJ, Florence Italy, and trips to the west coast.