Dr. Kavous Ardalan

Professor of Finance


I am a professor of finance at the School of Management, Marist College. I hold PhDs in both Economics and Finance. I have taught graduate and undergraduate courses in Finance using both the lecture method and the case method of teaching and learning. My research interests are in the theoretical, practical, educational, social, philosophical, and methodological aspects of Economics and Finance.

My work experience is very diverse. I have worked:

  • In both academic and industrial institutions
  • In both manufacturing and service industries
  • In both private and public sectors
  • In both domestic and foreign institutions
  • In both developing and developed countries
  • In both peaceful and revolutionary times

I have travelled to parts of the Far East, parts of the Middle East, most of Europe, and most of North America.

I am a member of a family of four (with my wife Haleh, my son Arash, and my daughter Camellia) with a long-term history located at the web site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ardalan.

I owe much to my late parents, my family (Haleh, Arash, and Camellia), the Marist Community, and my teachers.


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