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School of Management


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845-575-3000 ext. 6021

Dr. Kuangnen Cheng

Associate Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management


Dr. Cheng, Associate Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management, has a doctorate and master’s degrees in business administration. He developed his data analytical skills in operation strategy and supply chain management from extensive hands-on service industry experience. Prior to joining Marist, Dr. Cheng was a Lecturer of Strategic Management at St. Mary’s College of California. He expects to bring in his entrepreneurship knowledge to bridge the gap between academia and business environments so that students can appreciate the business curriculum for their future career development. His research is focused on big data and data mining, especially firm boundary and global competition behavior. Currently, he teaches Operations Management for both undergraduate and on-line MBA courses.


Doctor of Business Administration

Research Interests / Areas of Focus

Operations strategy, supply chain management, operations management

Selected Publications

Cheng, K. N. and Lee, J. Z.-H. (2021). Post-merger changes in flight frequency for network and low-cost carriers. International Journal of Knowledge Management in Tourism and Hospitality, 2(3), 203-224.

Cheng, K. N. and Jin, B. Y. (2021). Inventory pooling technique from the car rental industry: Now and in the autonomous future. International Journal of Business Environment, 12(1), 37-63.

Cheng, K. N. and Chen, H. P. (2020). Location pricing to effectively reduce inventory repositioning: The car rental industry. International Journal of Inventory Research, 5(4), 263-283.

Jin, B. Y., Cheng, K. N., Cary, J. and Huang, F. Q. (2020). Impact of Confucianism on compensation structure for founder CEOs. International Journal of Business, 25(3), 266-290.

Cheng, K. N. (2018). Operations and marketing alignment to reduce operational risk: How airlines circumvent well-guarded markets. International Journal of Advanced Operations Management (accepted on 8 August 2018).

Cheng, K. N., Chen, H. P. and Lee, J. Z.-H. (2018). Service operations to analyze cooperative and non-cooperative competition. International Journal of Business Competition and Growth, 6(2), 139-158.

Cheng, K. N. (2017). Protecting strategically vulnerable markets through inventory pooling: A byproduct of coordinated effects induced by horizontal post-merger. International Journal of Supply Chain and Inventory Management, 2(2), 162-177.

Cheng, K. N. (2017). Competitive dynamics across strategic groups: A literature review and validation by quantitative evidence of operation data. International Journal of Business Environment, 9(4), 301-323.

Cheng, K. N., Chen, H. P. and Lee, J. Z.-H. (2015). Competition Behavior in Service Frequency for US Airlines. Service Business, 9 (1), 1-16.

Cheng, K. N., Lee, Z. and Shomali, H. (2012). Airline Firm Boundary and Ticket distribution in Electronic Markets. International Journal of Production Economics, 137(1), 137-144.

Selected Presentations

Cheng, K. N. (2021). Travel agent performance in airline electronic distribution channels. Proceedings of the 2021 IAM international Conference on Innovation and Management, Taipei, Taiwan, 6 – 9 July 2021.

Cheng, K. N. (2019). Inventory pooling through location pricing: The car rental industry. Proceedings of the 2019 IAM International Conference on Innovation and Management, Hiroshima, Japan, 9 – 12 July 2019.

Cheng, K. N. (2018). Aligning operations and marketing to circumvent endogenous mobility barriers: The case of the U.S. domestic airline industry. Proceedings of the 1028 IAM International Conference on Innovation and Management, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 10 13 July 2018.

Cheng, K. N. (2018). Circumventing well-guarded markets to optimize operational efficiency. Proceedings of the 2018 IBEC International Business and Economy Conference XVII, San Francisco, 04 January 07 January 2018.

Awards and Honors

Professor of the year, School of Management, 2020 awarded by SGA;

Professor of the year, Marist College, 2021 awarded by SGA.

Conference session chair: 2018 IAM International Conference on Innovation and Management, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 10 13 July 2018.

Editorial Board Member: International Conference on Innovation and Management (ISSN: 2308-1295) May 2018 present.

Editorial Advisory Board Member: International Interdisciplinary Business-Economics Advancement Journal (ISSN 2375-9615). June 2016 present.