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Terry M. Ciccaglione

Visiting Lecturer of Economics


Terry Ciccaglione is an experienced educator in the disciplines of Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Operations Management and Economics. Prior to teaching at Marist College he was employed as an engineer for over 30 years at IBM in Poughkeepsie, NY. As a senior engineer in Package Engineering his responsibilities included supporting globally integrated supply chains for large scale servers, developing packaging systems to support inbound logistics, manufacturing operations and outbound logistics.

As a follow up to his engineering career at IBM he worked at Tiffany & Co. as a packaging engineer in 2017.  His engineering experience and business background  has allowed him to give students a broader perspective as to how business and engineering interact in today’s global business environment.


Masters of Business Administration: Marist College (2006)
Masters of Science, Package Engineering: Michigan State University (1986)
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry:  Michigan State University (1980)

Research Interests / Areas of Focus

Main research interests and areas of focus: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and International Economics. Alternate areas Supply Chain Management, Financial Management, Operations Management, Global Business and Strategic Management.

Selected Publications/Presentations

Abstract submitted to the Northeast Business & Economics Association 2019. Topic: “How do hurricanes affect state municipal debt prices?” Presented to the NBEA group November 2019.

Abstract submitted to the Northeast Business & Economics Association 2021. Topic: “The Asset Bubble Euphoria of the Roaring 2020's”. Presented to the NBEA group November 2021.

Abstract submitted to the Northeast Business & Economics Association 2022. Topic: “Greedflation and Global Oil.” Accepted for presentation to the NBEA group November 2022.

Work Experience

Team leader for IBM’s large server shipments from Poughkeepsie NY (1995 to October 2013). Successfully supported package system designs for each generation of product offerings during this time.

As an Industrial Engineer he planned manpower to support IBM’s large server manufacturing line at the Poughkeepsie NY site.  Matched labor requirements to production goals using time motion studies to garner the most efficient and cost effective process.

As an Import/Export Specialist he insured that subassemblies and servers exported to global customers met the import requirements established by these different geographies.  No products held up for shipment to customers at customs locations or fines assessed to the IBM Poughkeepsie NY site 2006 to 2009.

As a Supplier Manufacturing Engineeer he supported the design and supplier selection of injection molded parts, foam parts, labels and nameplates used in large servers manufactured at the IBM Poughkeepsie NY site. Collaborated with development and supplier support teams to improve delivery cycle time and quality while reducing supplier base.

As a Packaging Engineering for Tiffany and Company he was responsible for linking new products to current packing materials via Tiffany’s internal materials resource planning (MRP) system (2017).

Awards & Honors

Marist College MBA Program: Committee Chair Marist Graduate Business Association (2005)

Senior Inventor (2009 to October 2013): Second plateau inventor status at IBM with domestic and international patents granted in the area of package design, field monitoring and product logistics.

Lean Six Sigma DOX Certified (2012). DOX project Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Implementation for Large Server Shipments. Estimated $420 K savings in 2013.

Marist College Student Advisor (2015 to 2018).

Received Technology Innovation and Digital Education Award from Marist College. April 2019.


Podcast C&C Personal Finance registered on iTunes (2019).