Andrew J. Vacca

Visiting Lecturer of Biology


Dr. Vacca is an interdisciplinary environmental scientist with expertise in environmental toxicology and environmental health. His Ph.D. from the Ecology, Evolution, Environment, and Society graduate program at Dartmouth College focused on environmental issues (such as exposure to toxic metals, including methylmercury and biological toxins from algal and cyanobacterial blooms) from both a natural and social science perspective. He is very interested in science communication and examining the public’s conceptualization of complex scientific topics when making decisions around environmental risks.

Before joining Marist, Dr. Vacca was a Student Affairs Professional at both Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences as well as Dartmouth College and brings a strong interest in and passion for holistic student support and creating inclusive and accessible learning spaces, particularly in STEM.


Research Interests / Areas of Focus

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Contact Information

Academic School

School of Science


Allied Health 315



(845) 575-2107