Radka Wildova

Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Science & Policy


Dr. Wildova is an expert ecologist who explored conservation issues in National Parks in Europe and then moved to North America to work on invasive species there. She helped establish the Ecological Research Institute (ERI) based in the Hudson Valley, which focuses on connecting research, management and policy in addressing invasive species, especially forest pests. A major emphasis of that work is involving land managers and citizen scientists in crucial conservation efforts (see Monitoring and Managing Ash program – www.monitoringash.org).


Dr. Wildova joined the Department of Environmental Science and Policy to share her passion for ecological investigation, provoke deeper curiosity, and help students hone their critical-thinking abilities. Her teaching takes advantage of her firsthand experience investigating environmental problems and solutions and gives students opportunities for placed-based learning in the Hudson Valley, for example exploring ecological effects of invasive species and approaches to mitigate their impacts. She especially enjoys involving students in her research, so that they can gain not just technical skills, but more importantly experience in asking and answering research questions.


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