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Sheahan Hall, Residential Transfers - Abby Hackbarth, Coordinator

Image of Coordinator of First Year Programs Abby Hackbarth Contact:

Office: Sheahan Hall 004
Campus Phone: 845-575-3157

Main Duties:

Coordinator of First Year Programs & Leadership Development
First Year Mentor for Sheahan Hall and Residential Transfers

About Abby:

Hometown: Clinton Corners, NY 

Education:   B.ACommunications – Marist College

My earliest memory of Marist is...attending the annual Marist Women's Basketball Miles of Hope Play4Kay Game as a middle school student. I quickly fell in love with the spirit of the school and the sense of community that I felt at these events. These games fostered my desire to learn (and eventually work) at Marist. 

One of my favorite movies is...Forrest Gump. I love the way in which the film depicts a variety of historical events through clever storytelling. 

My friends would describe me as...compassionnate, a good listener, and someone who enjoys supporting others in their journey to achieving both shared and personal goals. 

If I could travel anywhere...I would travel to England. I would like to explore my heritage and experience the culture there. 

My biggest mentors growing up were…my parents and my older brother. They have supported me throughout the process of becoming the person I am today with grace and patience. 

One of the best things about college is…being able to try new things and meet new people. College is an opportunity to challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and grow. 

When not busy with things at Marist, I like to…take my dog on walks, spend time with my family, bake tasty desserts, and go hiking. 

My message to the students of Marist is…take advantage of the opportunities presented to you, because you earned them. You have what it takes to be successful here and beyond.