Campus Was Buzzing!

Michelle Eggink, All photos by Nelson Echeverria
Students at Fashion Fest.

April 23, 2024 — On Wednesdays from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., Marist has a designated three-hour time slot when classes are not held and students can take part in a range of club, academic, and recreational activities. The 'Activity Hour' enables students to actively participate in the community and make the most out of their college experience.

Chili Cookoff 🥘🔥

Image of Chili Cookoff organizers.

Chili Cookoff organizers in McCann Center. 

North Road Communications hosted its annual Chili Cookoff in the McCann Center, featuring several student clubs and sports teams competing to win with each of their own special homemade chili recipes. This year’s winner was Dance Ensemble, who was honored with Gourmet Dining’s Golden Crockpot Award.

Puppy Play to De-Stress 🐶🧘‍♀️

Image of Marist community with pups.
Marist community playing with pups. 

Organized by the Student Government Association Academic Affairs Board in collaboration with Fox P.A.W. (People for Animal Welfare), this event was held on the Champagnat Green to help students de-stress with therapy dogs.

CPR Training⛑❤️

Image of CPR training.
Local EMT teaching students CPR. 

Marist School of Science and the Student Government Association invited local EMTs from Fairview Fire Department to train students in life-saving skills on the Marian Green. Students learned CPR and raised awareness for women's heart health as well as the difference between heart attack symptoms in men and women. Students received educational handouts about health statistics and how to help others in need.

Fashion Fest 👜🕶

Image of students at Fashion Fest.

Students shopping at Fashion Fest. 

The Silver Needle Runway class (SNR38) and other experiential fashion classes hosted their annual Fashion Fest on the Campus Green. Students had the opportunity to shop from local and student vendors while enjoying live music and drinking signature mocktails from a local food truck.


Image of President Weinman and student at CURSCA

President Kevin Weinman speaking with student Jordi Espinasa about his research at CURSCA titled, “Cavefish Dorsoventral Axis Angle During Wall Swimming and Laterality Asymmetries.“

The largest and most diverse number of projects were presented at CURSCA, the annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity. Learn more here.



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