Marist Alumnus Making Huge Impact at Johns Hopkins

Anthony Proia, Director of Media Relations
An image of Jonathan Vose ’21

January 23, 2023 – As a biochemistry major in the Honors Program at Marist, Jonathan Vose was a high achiever who made a significant impact in both the classroom and the lab. Now in his second academic year pursuing his PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Vose '21 has been awarded the prestigious Brian D. Crawford and Family Research Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to PhD students in recognition of their achievements in academics, research, and service.

Winners of the scholarship are selected based upon the strength of their research proposal, the rationale for their collaboration, the professional development of the student, and the basis for the funds. His current research focuses on determining the molecular mechanisms that control LATS1 gene activity using a combination of biochemistry, structural biology, and cell-based analyses.

“Winning this award gives me the opportunity to develop my skills as a scientist by expanding the breadth of my training and helping me develop into a scientist that straddles basic science and cancer biology,” said Vose. “My time at Marist could not have prepared me better for winning this award.

Vose, arrived at Marist from Lehigh County, Pennsylvania in 2017, and now has a goal of working in the pharmaceutical industry.

“The classes I took at Marist gave me a strong foundation, allowing me to succeed in the classroom and the lab at the Bloomberg School of Public Health” Vose said. “Specifically, the skills I learned in the research methods classes I took were extremely beneficial to me and gave me the confidence to propose my project for this award.”

He says he could not have won this award without the support of Marist faculty, including his mentor and research advisor, Marist Associate Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Jocelyn Nadeau, who remains in close contact with him.

“I’m not at all surprised that Jon is excelling in graduate school and being recognized with this award for his keen ability to come up with compelling research ideas,” said Dr. Nadeau. “He was a top student in every class he took with me, including Advanced Organic Chemistry, leading me to nominate him for the Organic Division’s ACS Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry in 2021. I cannot wait to see all that he will accomplish at Johns Hopkins and beyond.” 

Dr. Elisa Woolridge, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Marist, worked with Vose on his Honors-by-Contract experience.

“The pace at which he could read and synthesize the primary literature was astounding,” said Woolridge. “That experience centered on a literature investigation of the metabolic regulation of epigenetics, with specific connection to the citric acid cycle. This was a sophisticated topic, and I respected Jon’s commitment in the face of something so new to him, requiring much independent learning. Overall, I grew to appreciate that Jon’s enthusiasm coupled with his sharp intellect and perception makes for a disarmingly powerful combination. He is on the trajectory to become a visionary scientist.”

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