ESPN Personality, Freddie Coleman, Returns to Teach at Marist

Coleman HEADER

March 21, 2022 — Veteran sports media personality Freddie Coleman has returned to Marist College for a residence with the Center for Sports Communication and a class, Pass the Mic, teaching sports commentary through audio media during the Spring 2022 semester.

Coleman, who co-hosts a popular nightly show on ESPN Radio, Freddie and Fitzsimmons, among other high-profile broadcast responsibilities at ESPN, was previously the color commentator for Marist basketball broadcasts from 1999 through 2004.

The Marist sports communication and journalism concentrations—housed in the communication major—already offered a vibrant curriculum for students aspiring to careers in sports media, but Coleman’s outsized experience offers an opportunity for further enrichment. Combined with Coleman’s long-standing affinity for the college and the program, a unique learning opportunity materialized for students.

From the journalism skills in reporting and preparing for radio or podcast shows, to the techniques for short- and long-form segments, Coleman imparts his hard-earned wisdom. But he also plays a role in reinvigorating the department’s radio club and takes part in the Center’s rich programming this semester.

“There is no one better to teach our students about sports radio and preparation,” said Center for Sports Communication director Jane McManus. “Freddie is a pro's pro, and brings the enthusiasm you hear on ESPN Radio into the classroom. I've had a number of students come into my office to rave about him already, and students who aren't in the class can hear him speak on March 29 at 3:30 p.m. in the LT Theater."

"Being back on a college campus has been a blessing,” said Coleman. “And having a chance to be a first-time adjunct professor, I couldn't have picked a better environment than Marist College. It has been an absolutely wonderful experience."

Coleman’s residency further spurs the momentum of Marist’s sports communication program—in the form of both the Center and the curriculum—in its efforts to offer students access to leading industry figures, in a class setting or through other educational opportunities.

The previous fellow for the Center for Sports Communication was Michael Smith, a longtime ESPN TV personality and currently a commentator for NBC Sports, where he co-hosts Brother from Another with Michael Holley on Peacock. Smith concluded a successful residency during the Spring 2020 semester when he also hosted a well-received Center for Sports Communication panel on labor in sports in New York City.

About the Marist Center for Sports Communication

Marist’s Center for Sports Communication is part of the School of Communication and the Arts. The Center is a global leader preparing an engaged group of future leaders and journalists in a far-reaching discipline. The concentration in Sports Communication requires that students read and analyze sports in new ways, critically examining the role of sports in society and considering such areas as gender, race, and public policy in the context of sports. The program combines ethical and theoretical depth with practical writing and public presentation skills. It further prepares students for careers in sports information and journalism by requiring an internship in the field.

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