Campus Communications

COVID-19 Campus Update: Campus Pause Enacted Through Sunday


Dear Marist Community,

We are writing to announce that we will be initiating another campus pause, effective from 12:30 classes today and extending until Monday morning, November 9th.  While the terms of this pause will be slightly different from our earlier pause in October, the goal is the same: to ensure the safety of the Marist community and arrest any spread of the coronavirus while our Medical and Contact Tracing teams perform their work.

The terms of this campus pause are as follows:

  • All classes will be held remotely
  • All on- and off-campus activities, including gatherings of any kind, are suspended
  • For public health reasons, students are encouraged to limit their interactions to their “pod” (e.g. roommates or immediate housemates)
  • Outdoor individual or small group “pod” activities, with appropriate public health measures in place, are permitted (e.g. taking a walk around campus, eating outside, socializing with roommates, etc.)
  • Students must stay within their own room in their residence facility. Students are prohibited from visiting any other room, traditional residence hall, apartment, or townhouse
  • In-person dining is paused and meal plans are grab-and-go only
  • All athletic team training sessions are canceled
  • James J. McCann Recreation Center will remain closed to recreational activity
  • Students must remain on campus and avoid traveling unless such travel is directed by Marist health professionals or staff
  • Only officially approved visitors are allowed on campus

During the modified pause, surveillance testing will continue. If you are called, it is critical that you report for testing. Our testing protocol is what has and will continue to keep our campus safe. 

We want to remind you that the College has a zero-tolerance policy for those who do not comply with our guidelines. This is to prioritize the safety of the vast majority of students who have abided by the rules this semester.

Information on cases related to Marist College is always available on our dashboard, which is updated daily, generally by 5 pm. If you see any Marist community member violating our COVID-19 related Code of Conduct, please call (845) 575-MASK.

Thank you for all you are doing to help “protect the pack.”

Asset Publisher