Grants Support Internship Opportunities, Scholarships For Students in Need

Julia Fishman

September 21, 2020—Marist College received a two-part grant from the Fred L. Emerson Foundation totaling $245,000 to provide internship opportunities and scholarships to students with financial need.

A generous $45,000 was awarded for the Center for Career Services to support internship opportunities for students in need as part of the Center’s “Widening Access to Career Pathways for Underserved Students” initiative. The funds, which will be utilized over three years, will support students from underserved communities and diverse backgrounds in the form of travel funds for Road to the Workplace trips, alumni panels, and networking events, and to cover the cost of credit-bearing internships.

“It is heartbreaking to sit across from a student who cannot participate in an internship because of their financial circumstances. I am forever thankful that this grant allowed so many Marist students to participate in internships this past summer,” said Executive Director of Center for Career Services Dr. Mary Jones. “Marist's goal is to ensure that all students have equal access to career-path and internship opportunities and this grant is making that a reality.”

This summer, the funds were used to support eight students by providing internship scholarships. Internship Program Coordinator Stephanie Graham worked closely with the students and shared their feedback:
“Course credits for internships are very useful to a student and the Emerson Scholarship is one of the main reasons that I was able to apply for these credits. The credits may be costly, especially if you are partaking in an unpaid internship.”

“This internship was incredibly valuable to me and even more so during the time of Covid-19 when many students were unable to secure internships. The Emerson scholarship made accepting an unpaid internship during a global pandemic possible for me. It took away the stress of not being able to work, and gave me the opportunity to gain real industry experience and I am extremely grateful for that.”

“I’m a fashion major and the industry is competitive and gaining experience is very important. Through the help of the scholarship I was able to participate in a fashion internship. I’m thankful to have had the opportunity.”

The grant also directed $200,000 to establish the Fred L. Emerson Endowed Scholarship, which will generate an annual award of $10,000, for a deserving undergraduate student with significant financial need for each of their four years at Marist.

“This meaningful support will help put a Marist education within reach for students with financial need for years to come,” said Vice President for College Advancement Chris DelGiorno. “The Emerson Foundation’s generosity is assisting the College in its ongoing goals of supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in our student body.”

Two of the Foundation’s trustees also designated gifts to support the purchase of sophisticated knitting equipment for Marist’s internationally acclaimed Fashion Program.

Based in Auburn, New York, the Emerson Foundation supports a range of grantmaking priorities throughout central New York. The Foundation has supported Marist since 1984. The Emerson Digital Classroom in the College’s James A. Cannavino Library and facilities in the Lowell Thomas Communication Center were made possible by the Foundation.

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