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Announcing a New Food Insecurity Committee at Marist


Dear Marist Community,

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is pleased to announce a committee to study Food Insecurity among students at Marist. This is part of our commitment to equity and justice in the student experience. Chaired jointly by Mark Palmer and Katie Lavin, the committee will gather information on food insecurity, identify the dimensions of the challenge at Marist, and propose potential solutions. Data from national sources shows that food insecurity is now a pervasive and growing problem in higher education (see the resources in the links below). It impairs the ability of affected students to focus on their studies, engage in student activities, enjoy the student experience, and persist to graduation. Food Insecurity negatively impacts students' mental health as well as their social and academic life. Students affected by this challenge also often face a lack of access to hygiene products and live with the associated stigma.

The committee, which starts its work this spring, will work collaboratively with others on campus to bring deeper and more informed awareness of these challenges to Marist, to open conversations about the causes of this problem, and to explore and recommend feasible solutions to the VP for DEI and to the college.

Please contact Mark Palmer ( and Katie Lavin ( with any questions.

Members of the Committee are:

Alyssa Gates, Director of Student-Athlete Enhancement 
Andrew Alongi, Director of Marketing 
Dr. Adelaide K. Sandler, School of Social of Behavioral Sciences 
Deb DiCaprio, Vice President for Student Affairs
Hasseb Arroon, Director of Institutional Data, Research, and Planning 
Jaime Cocco-Simmons, Director of Student Financial Services Operations 
Keon Lee, Vice President of Student life, SGA 
Stephen Gnojewski, Development Officer of the Office of College Advancement 

We invite you to explore the resources below to build your knowledge and understanding of how Food Insecurity in affecting college campuses across the country.

Food Insecurity in College
Swipe Out Hunger
Conversations on Food Justice: Food Insecurity on College Campuses
Dinner or Tuition: Food Insecurity Deepens on College Campuses
How Colleges are Addressing Food Insecurity


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