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Hudson River Valley Review Autumn 2021


November 19, 2021—We received numerous notes and inquiries after dedicating our Autumn 2020 issue to the memory of our colleague David Schuyler. Some of these expressions of unexpected loss have grown into the remembrances that appear in this issue, all of which attest to the fact that David was an extraordinary teacher, writer, and mentor to so many.

Image of Hudson River Valley Review Cover This issue also includes two articles focused on different aspects of the Delaware & Hudson Canal. Bill Merchant presents many untold stories shedding light on immigrants, people of color, women, and children who built and worked the canal. Until now, their contributions have remained obscure, largely neglected in the records as well as by researchers. Paul C. King focuses on the innovations of John Roebling, a German immigrant who designed aqueducts for the canal before going on to create his masterpiece, the Brooklyn Bridge. Finally, Bart Harloe introduces us to his ancestor William Harloe, also an immigrant (in his case from Ireland) who built a business and political career in Poughkeepsie at the dawn of the Gilded Age.

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Volume 38, Number 1, Autumn 2021

Celebrating the Life and Work of David Schuyler
David Schuyler: Helping To Build a Better World by J. Winthrop Aldrich
David Schuyler and the Hudson River Valley by Francis R. Kowsky
Kindred Spirits: Reflections on the Hudson River School in Memory of David Schuyler by Nancy Siegel
David Schuyler: Chronicler of the Hudson Valley’s “Sanctified Landscape” and its Role in America’s Nineteenth-Century National Identity by Frances F. Dunwell
David Schuyler and Downing Studies by Kerry Dean Carso
The Hudson River Valley’s Historian by Ned Sullivan and Reed Sparling
David Schuyler and the Aesthetic Landscape by Harvey K. Flad

Stories of the Marginalized Workers of the D&H Canal by Bill Merchant
Roebling’s Hudson Valley Aqueducts by Paul C. King
Precarious Poughkeepsie: A Story of Ambition and Urban Politics in the Hudson River Valley at the Beginning of the Gilded Age by Bart Harloe

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