Professor Jane McManus Set to be Featured on HBOmax Show "Back on the Record" Hosted by Bob Costas


Director of the Center for Sports Communication, Jane McManus will appear on the HBOmax show Back on the Record hosted by Emmy award winning sports broadcaster Bob Costas on Friday, August 27 at 11 pm ET.

McManus came to Marist with years of experience in sports journalism, spending 10 years at ESPN, where she hosted two radio shows and appeared on shows across the ESPN network. Additionally, McManus is currently a sports columnist for Deadspin. Throughout her career, McManus has appeared in the New York Times, Newsday, USA Today, Good Morning America, CNN, and other national publications.

McManus is going to be joined by Back on the Record contributor Bomani Jones and journalist Jessica Luther for a round table discussion where they’re going to talk, “athlete discipline, league vaccinations, and sports betting,” McManus said.

Back on the Record is the revitalized program from the 2001 series originally hosted by Bob Costas of similar namesake, On the Record. Having just premiered, McManus will appear on the second episode of the new HBOmax series.

This episode is going to feature interviews with sports greats such as Billie Jean King, John McEnroe, and Peyton Manning.

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