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Marist Student Accepted into Competitive NBCUniversal Page Program

Michelle Eggink, Assistant Director of Content Marketing & Communications
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April 17, 2023 — A standout student during her undergraduate years at Marist, Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) graduate student, Jennamichelle Merolla '22/'24MA, is thriving in the coveted NBCUniversal’s Page Program. The Page Program has an extremely rigorous and competitive application process with only a 1.5% applicant acceptance rate. Out of over 16,000 applicants that apply to the program, only 25-28 are accepted.

Merolla credits her internships with Comcast, Consumer Reports, Engel & Voelkers, and NBCUniversal during her undergrad years as helping prepare her and distinguish her from other candidates for the Page Program, while also fueling her ambition to pursue a career at a top-ranked communications organization. 

As an undergrad, Merolla was a Communication major with concentrations in Public Relations and Advertising and a minor in Global Studies. She is now pursuing her master’s in Integrated Marketing Communication through Marist’s accelerated degree program.

Merolla’s family immigrated to the United States from Guyana, South America, over 30 years ago to settle in Brooklyn, where she was born and raised. She made her way to Marist, expressing the gratitude she has for her family and to the College for supporting her.

“As a first-generation college student, I feel extremely grateful to have attended Marist College and to still be pursuing my master’s degree,” said Merolla. “My family made sure that I was always on the right path to make my dreams come true, but none of this would have been possible without Marist Student Financial Services and their willingness to make Marist affordable for my Mom and me.”

Merolla was awarded the Marist Presidential Scholarship and the Catherine Regan Scholarship as part of her acceptance to Marist. While a student, she was inducted into the Alpha Chi National College Honor Society, the Marist College Dean’s Circle, and the Honors Society of Communications Studies of the NCA. Merolla graduated from Marist Summa Cum Laude as an Honors Student before beginning her graduate studies.

Jennamichelle Merolla with NBC’s Al Roker.
Jennamichelle Merolla with NBC’s Al Roker. 

“I have felt a sense of community from the first time I stepped onto the Marist campus and have only had amazing opportunities since then,” said Merolla. “The experiences I’ve had at Marist College, such as my positions as Marketing Director at the Marist Circle, the President of the Public Relations Student Society of America, and the Director of Professional Development at North Road Communications, gave me the leadership and communication skills I needed to be successful at NBCUniversal.”

Merolla doubles as a master’s student and a full-time, year-long fellowship Page, where she engages in three rotational assignments within NBCUniversal. At NBC, she currently works on the Ad Sales Business Operations and Services Team, trafficking advertisements and growing revenue for Apple News and working as a Digital Campaign Specialist for both luxury and non-luxury brands. Pages are eventually exposed to work with varying businesses across the NBCUniversal portfolio. In New York City, all Pages also act as ambassadors of the company by supporting audience services for late-night shows, special events, and the NBC Studio Tour. 

Jennamichelle Merolla with fellow NBCUniversal Pages at the Today Show.
Jennamichelle Merolla with fellow NBCUniversal Pages at the Today Show.

Merolla credits Marist staff and faculty for having a huge impact on her development and helping secure four internships.

“Without the constant involvement of the Career Services team and my mentors, I would not be where I am today,” said Merolla.

“The entire Career Services team is so proud of all Jennamichelle’s accomplishments,” Stephanie Paquin ’15, Assistant Director of the Marist Internship Program in Career Services. “Early on, Jennamichelle worked with us to network with alumni and participate in Career Services programming, which helped her get competitive internships with top-tier companies and set her up for a well-deserved, successful career.”

“As a student, Jennamichelle always led her teammates selflessly and produced high caliber work for our local nonprofit clients, providing our community partners with invaluable, actionable insights,” said Dr. Amanda Damiano, Assistant Professor of Communication. “Jennamichelle's dedication, respectfulness, good character, and strong intellect inspire others to put their best foot forward."

Merolla sees her experience as a Page at NBCUniversal as helping shape her long-term career interests as she gathers more experience in marketing, producing, advertising, television, entertainment, and more. As her career advances, Merolla looks back to the College with appreciation and warmth.

“Marist offers a caring community, partnerships, and endless career advancement opportunities, which is why my experience was so unique and special,” said Merolla. “When I first came to Marist, I felt an immediate connection and feeling of belongingness that has carried through to today.”


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