Historic Swim of the Hudson Makes Stop at Marist Campus

Michelle Eggink, Assistant Director of Content Marketing & Communications

The Hudson River is very much part of Marist’s identity. Students study it. Our athletes compete on it. It also serves as a strong, vital, and beautiful backdrop to our campus and local community. It’s no wonder why protecting the river is extremely important to the entire Marist community. 

Marist’s connection with the Hudson will reach a new level when renowned international endurance swimmer and environmental advocate Lewis Pugh visits campus as he makes his 315-mile journey swimming the length of the Hudson River over several weeks. 

As Pugh swims closer to Marist he will be joined in the water by President Kevin Weinman, his wife, Beth, and student-athletes from Marist's Swim, Water Polo, and Crew teams. 

Pugh is the first person to complete a long-distance swim in every ocean of the world, and he frequently swims in vulnerable ecosystems to draw attention to their plight. Now, he’s in the process of swimming the entire span of the Hudson, from the Adirondacks to New York City, holding up the Hudson as an example of a river revitalized and hoping he can call attention to the importance of cleaning up other river communities around the world.

Image of Lewis Pugh

Lewis Pugh during Hudson Swim. Photo Courtesy Lewis Pugh Foundation. 

Pugh’s Hudson Swim aims to explore the interconnectedness of rivers and oceans, highlight the critical role rivers play in a habitable planet, and stress the urgent need to restore, protect, and respect them.

A Campus Connection to the River

The Hudson River has been a hub of New York’s environmental conservation efforts since the 1960s, driving the creation of key environmental organizations and legislation for the environmental movement. Once heavily polluted by industrial waste, the Hudson River’s cleanup has come a long way, in large part due to activists, local community members, and organizations like Hudson River Sloop Clearwater and Riverkeeper.

Marist continues to foster strong relationships with local organizations and environmental activists while promoting the protection of the Hudson River through student-faculty research, environmental and history classes, and experiential learning opportunities on the Hudson.


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Faculty and students are very invested in the continued cleanup and protection of the Hudson River alongside advocates like Pugh.

“The Marist students’ efforts in environmental science and policy coursework like capping are leading to a reduction in the amount of visible trash entering the Hudson River,” said Dr. Richard Feldman, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Environmental Science at Marist. “We are excited to have environmentalists like Lewis Pugh bring more awareness to the Hudson River because, with so many environmental issues needing to be addressed, we don't want to forget that our dear Hudson River needs continued advocacy and attention for improvement.”

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