Marist 100: In Their Own Words

Anthony Proia, Director of Media Relations
President Weinman (center) detailing Marist 100 at McCann Arena (left to right on stage: James Snyder, Emily Saland, Catherine Kodat and Geoffrey Brackett).

September 11, 2023 - Marist 100 was presented by President Kevin Weinman and other College leaders to faculty and staff attending last week’s Convocation. Roughly a year in the making, the plan reflects the input and aspirations of the campus community, and involved a diverse group of Steering Committee members, made up of faculty, students, staff, alumni, and members of the Board of Trustees. 

Here are five notable quotes from those speakers that convey the energy, excitement, and power that Marist 100 represents for the College’s future.

Image of President Kevin Weinman at podium.

“Marist knows its historical strengths and has deep pride in tradition, but is also hungry for bold shifts in direction, ready to introduce itself to new audiences. Marist is ready to toggle between doing good quietly, and doing just a little more loudly. This is an ambitious plan that seeks to position Marist for a major leap forward.”

“Infused throughout these three pillars are deep commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion; and to sustainability in all its forms. They do not live as pillars themselves because they are not discrete goals or any one office’s responsibility. They must be a core part of everything we do.”

 - President Kevin Weinman

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“While it will take persistent, collaborative effort to accomplish, it is, I believe, entirely within our grasp. Because Marist is unique in its understanding of the power of “and”: how blending the best of liberal education and pre-professional training creates tremendous possibilities for achievement and personal growth—not only for our students, but also for our staff and faculty.“

 - Catherine Kodat, Provost and Dean of Faculty

Image of President Kevin Weinman speaking at Convocation in McCann Arena.

“Carry Marist 100 back to work with you, and make it a part of your every day. The plan isn’t something that lives up in the ether, disconnected from our daily work – in order to be effective, it needs to become a shared language and framework for decision-making. Progress on a multi-year plan like this one won’t come through isolated decisions or actions, but rather incrementally, and through our collective efforts. We bring the strategic plan to life.”

- Emily Saland, Marist 100 Steering Committee Co-chair, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Chief of Staff

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“We’re so excited to share the resulting plan with you. Its vision is a simple but bold one: to improve the world through education. The three pillars speak to our collective aspirations – what we hope to accomplish. We’re also mindful of how we will need to accomplish them. For that reason, the plan also addresses the need to both deploy and responsibly shepherd our resources: our people, our finances, our natural environment, and our built environment.” 

 - James Snyder, Marist 100 Steering Committee Co-chair, Dean for Academic Engagement

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“We all have the opportunity, through this plan, to define this institution’s first century and launch it for its second. Such opportunities are rare in life, and to have this one in particular—with this group of people in common endeavor—is a privilege. We have a lot of work to do, but I am excited about the ability to do it together.”

 -  Geoffrey Brackett, Executive Vice President 

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