Marist Fashion's 32nd Annual Silver Needle Runway Show (5/4)

Marist College

May 1, 2018 — The 32nd Annual Silver Needle Runway will be held at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center on Friday, May 4th, 4:00pm and 7:00pm. Tickets are available for purchase at

Every year, Marist Fashion program produces this large-scale event for over 2,500 guests, including industry professionals and press. The Silver Needle Runway originated in 1984 and has since increased tremendously in level of expertise, professionalism, and creativity. This highly anticipated fashion event right outside New York City in the beautiful Hudson Valley showcases the garments and collections of Marist’s students and future fashion leaders, mainly focusing on the Senior Theses composed by this year’s 11 immensely talented senior designers. The Senior Thesis is judged by a variety of fashion design experts with industry expertise. The evening show is followed by a presentation of awards and scholarships such as Outstanding Garment and Outstanding Portfolio.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the show is that it is wholly produced by students and faculty of the Fashion Program. Members of the Fashion Show Production class organize teams dealing with every facet of the show from invitations to choreography and marketing. They also marshal a cast of volunteers and coordinate their efforts at the event. The Silver Needle Runway Show is the highlight of the year for the Fashion Program and an exceptional learning experience for everyone involved.

About Marist Fashion

Fun. Fast-paced. Challenging. Competitive. The Marist Fashion Program was recently named one of the Top 50 Global Fashion Schools by Business of Fashion. Whether it's business-building behind the scenes or designing for the showroom or runway, fashion today is a diverse and exciting industry. The Fashion Program at Marist College successfully prepares its students to enter the world of fashion and pursue careers in design, merchandising, product development, retailing, operations, fashion promotion, event planning and a gamut of other employment opportunities. Students gain the skills, knowledge, and internship experiences within an encouraging academic environment to help them flourish in the fashion industry.

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