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New "Hudson River Valley Review" pays tribute to Hudson Valley historic sites Olana and Vanderbilt Mansion

POUGHKEEPSIE (May 23, 2016) – The Spring 2016 issue of The Hudson River Valley Review is now available. This issue pays tribute to two of the Hudson Valley’s most popular historic sites – Olana and Vanderbilt Mansion. 

Olana is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of its preservation by a small group of people who understood the significant role it plays in understanding America’s cultural history. At the same time, Vanderbilt Mansion is part of the National Park Service, which is marking the centennial of its establish­ment. Another article illustrates some of the unusual ways Hudson Valley residents took part in festive occasions in their communities, while two others shine lights on lesser-known aspects of history in and around Albany—its colonial forts and the impact of World War I on Jewish residents of the Capital District. As always, these insights into the region’s heritage are accompanied by book reviews and other regular features. 

An image of the Hudson River Valley Review Spring 2016 coverYou can preview the issue and read the Regional History ForumBook Reviews, and New and Noteworthy Books online here.

The Hudson River Valley Review is available at select booksellers and museum gift shops throughout the region for $15 each. Subscriptions are available through the website or by calling 845-575-3052. A one-year subscription (two issues) is $20.00, save even more by subscribing for two years at $35.00.

The Hudson River Valley Institute at Marist College is the center for the study and promotion of the Hudson River Valley, providing information about the region’s history, culture, economy, and environment, and educational resources to teachers, students, and others through its website, public programming, and "The Hudson River Valley Review." This biannual journal covers all aspects of regional history. All articles in "The Hudson River Valley Review" undergo peer analysis.

Articles in the Spring 2016 issue:

Saving Olana, David Schuyler

Charivari on the Hudson: Misrule, Disorder, and Festive Play in the Countryside, 1750 -1900, Thomas S. Wermuth

“To Aid Their Unfortunate Coreligionists”; The Impact of World War I and the Jewish Community in Albany, Harvey Strum

Notes and Documents

The Forts and Fortifications of Colonial Albany, Michael G. Laramie

Regional History Forum:

Vanderbilt Mansion and the National Park Service Centennial, Erin Kane, Marist ‘16

Scholarly Forum

The History of the Hudson River Valley from Wilderness to the Civil War, reviewed by Roger Panetta and Susan Lewis with a rebuttal from author Vernon Benjamin 


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