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Edward Presutti

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Edward Presutti

New Windsor, NY

Academic School

Computer Science and Math



After working in academia and at other institutions for a large portion of his career, Edward Presutti found his place at Marist in a staff position. “It was a natural extension to my work in data science. I later decided to attend the MSIS graduate program with a concentration in business analytics.” Presutti notes the highlights of his time at Marist. “My experience of connecting with international students is very special; I have had an opportunity to get closer to other cultures and specifically have had the opportunity to enjoy some authentic homemade food from some of my classmates. Also as an adult student, I found that interacting with a younger generation has given me a more ‘current’ experience, especially in the ever-evolving world of technology.”

Presutti has had some experience in the field that pertains to his graduate program. “I have had the opportunity to be the co-author on three papers that have been published as part of conference proceedings; these were done with Professor Eitel Lauria, and were related to research into early detection of students at academic risk.  I was a co-presenter of these papers at the Enterprise Computing Conference at Marist in 2016, the Learning Analytics conference in Vancouver Canada in 2017, and the Computer Supported Education conference in Madeira, Portugal in 2018. I am also expecting to once again present at the Enterprise Computing Conference here at Marist in June 2019.”

He gives high marks to many Marist faculty members. “The professors who stand out for me are Eitel Lauria, Melinda Weisberg, and Gregory Dallari. Each has provided personal and specific feedback that has been extremely insightful.” As the Assistant Director of Data Science and Analytics at Marist, Presutti has been able to expand on topics he has been learning in class at the real-world level.