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Fiona Hecdivert

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Fiona Hecdivert

Spring Valley, NY

Academic School



New York

What are your career goals / academic goals?

My academic goals are to complete my three years at Marist College’s DPT program to the best of my ability in preparation for my licensure exam. Afterward, I would like to be a board certified orthopedic physical therapist and possibly specialize in vestibular therapy. Looking to the distant future, I would like to own a private practice.

Why did you choose to pursue your graduate degree at Marist? Why did you choose to pursue this degree program?

I chose Marist College for many reasons. I enjoy the campus’s beautiful scenery, the incredibly helpful and friendly faculty and staff, and the rewarding service opportunities. I chose to purse this degree program because I feel that physical therapists play such an important, personable role in people’s lives and I appreciate being able to provide a meaningful impact on someone’s life.

Tell us about a project or course that was particularly meaningful to your professional development / academic development.

In my course “Movement Science II”, I was assigned a motor learning project like no other. My professor, Dr. Fineman, had allowed the class to break into groups and have the creativity to explore what it is like to observe how someone learns a new skill. Although amusing, this project required good communication, organization, and collaborative group work. It challenged me in the best possible way to learn how to plan, problem solve, and delegate tasks.

Tell us about a meaningful experience you had at Marist as it pertains to your degree (whether that be with a Professor, Marist service, Scholarship opportunity, etc.).

Participating in the Parkinson’s Walk Across the Hudson was truly a meaningful experience for me. Recently, many of the DPT students ran booths and provided wheelchair assistance for the event. It was genuinely rewarding hearing the participants’ stories and how grateful they were for our help.

What advice would you give to a student considering pursuing this degree at Marist?

I have two pieces of advice to offer. My first piece of advice is, don’t be afraid to ask for help. The faculty and staff are readily available and always willing to lend a helping hand in any way that they can. Second, enjoy it! Time flies by quickly so just be sure to take advantage of all the great things that Marist has to offer.