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Geraldo Silva

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Geraldo Silva

Monroe, NY

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Geraldo Silva is a member of Marist's online MPA Class of 2017. He has over 20 years of experience in law enforcement as is currently employed by the Port Authority Police of NY & NJ as an Inspector/Commanding Officer.

What are your career goals?

To climb the organization's hierarchy while contributing useful and effective innovative ideas to better successfully manage the agency.

Why did you choose to pursue your degree at Marist?

Marist is a reputable, local, and law enforcement friendly college.

Tell us about a project or course that was particularly meaningful to your professional development.

MPA 500L Introduction to Public Administration, in my opinion, served as the foundation for the rest of my degree plan and professional development. This, via establishing the distinction between private and public organizations, and via providing the student with the history and evolution thereof of the Public Administration profession.

What advice would you give to a student considering pursuing their master's degree at Marist?

I would tell that student that for long-distance and adult learners as myself, Marist provides the ideal learning environment to be successful. I would also tell the student to stay focused and concentrate on time management.

Discuss your experience with Marist's online learning environment:

Thus far, my online learning experience at Marist has been a pleasant, positive, and rewarding one.

What do you believe are some of the most important issues in the field of leadership development? What are the important leadership skills that MPA candidates need to develop to create an impact in their organizations?

In my opinion, one of the most important issues in the field of leadership is caring about the people/client being serviced, and the employee(s) providing that service. Listening, observing, and problem-solving based on the needs of the client and employee, not primarily the need of the organization. The MPA student should develop person-to-person interaction skills, both with the client being served and the employee/subordinate providing the service. Other important skills include but are not limited to managing organizational change effectively, creating and promoting innovative ideas, and promoting and maintaining an ethical environment.