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Jayna Cherny

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Jayna Cherny

Kingston, NY

Academic School



New York

What made you decide to attend Marist?
When I first decided to transfer, my familiarity with the geographic location of Marist along the Hudson River was my main motivator which was then solidified after my initial visit and conversations with current transfer students about their experiences.

What kind of support services did Marist offer to ease in your transition?
The transition to Marist was so much easier than I had anticipated with the help of students and faculty involved in transfer admission and outreach as well as the Academic Learning Center which I enrolled in a 1-credit transfer seminar course where I met my first friends and a faculty mentor who continues to support my Marist education in numerous ways.

What helped you the most during your first few weeks as a Red Fox?
The community at Marist is helpful in so many ways; whether I needed directions to a class or building, help using my Marist ID at dining locations or even just receiving a friendly face in passing, I was constantly reassured that no matter who I turned to someone would be more than willing to help answer a question instead of feeling overwhelmed and embarrassed for being “new.”

What is your favorite Marist memory so far?
My favorite Marist memory so far would have to be simply looking forward to the season changes and all the creative activities that Marist students decide to engage in; Marist students love the outdoors during all months of the school year, especially in the spring where no matter where you go you can do work, throw a frisbee, or just relax and enjoy a view of the river.

What is one piece of advice you would give a prospective transfer student?
Be open-minded. Join clubs and organizations that you may not think you would ever join and just try them out. I met my best friends joining a sport I had never played before. There are so many opportunities and paths you can take. Some transfers want to continue with hobbies, and some want a fresh start. It is completely your choice on how you want your transfer experience to be. The right school will have the right support for you!