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Michele Conner

Michele Conner

Michele Conner

Kingston, NY

Academic School




After 16 years in a leadership position in human services, Michele Conner decided to take her skills to the next level in Marist’s MBA Program. “My intention was to broaden my education and knowledge, not only of business models and finance, but also of leadership styles and behaviors. I am committed to professional growth within my agency,” said Conner. “One real highlight of my time in the MBA Program was Dr. Sloan’s Mount Everest Project because it allowed us to implement the skills that were taught in the class. The paper enabled us to critically think about what worked, what did not work, and what we would do differently,” Conner explained.

Another plus? Marist’s MBA Program allows for many different opportunities in the field. “My agency has involved me in different initiatives and strategic planning discussions that would not normally be part of my job description. I was invited to an executive-level retreat on internal marketing after I engaged in a discussion with my Chief Operating Officer about some of the things I learned in class. At the retreat, I felt empowered to engage in the discussions and believe I was able to contribute a unique perspective that eventually led to the implementation of several of the ideas brought forth,” said Conner.

Conner currently works as the Director of Astor Services for Family and Children Outpatient Centers around the Hudson Valley and the Bronx. “I have been with my agency for 20 years and in management for 16. I love that my agency provides cutting-edge, evidence-based practices to ensure that our clients and their families receive the best care possible. It is rewarding to review clinical data and see the progress that clients make. It is also rewarding to monitor our fiscal and operational dashboards and be able to see a direct link between our excellent clinical work and our fiscal successes,” said Conner.